Site drop right is not terrible is the key to recovery method

site was recently, for example the dedecms site is linked to the Trojan etc..

2, the web server is not stable, often can’t open phenomenon.

which often do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster in familiar, because we all know that in addition to change the search engine algorithm outside our site is down right are key factors, so we must be prepared to find the reasons, so as to achieve the purpose of solving the right. Generally speaking, we need to do is to check the site within the first, to see whether the site of normal jump, whether there is death, or Links implicated, of course, these we see the premise is we can guarantee the quality of the content on the website, if your site is the reason then the acquisition station is right down the it is too obviously. When we check itself didn’t find the reason if we need to check our chain is normal, whether there is lost. Through the internal and external inspection to guess why we drop right site, so as to solve. >

6, website revision because of excessive lead.

The first step:

website has been three years, three years in this process in varying degrees from the site right down to number ten fingers is not calculated, but in the right down to experience the author also summarized many experiences, today with everyone in the webmaster nets this platform to share with you some of the methods solve, if there are different opinions of friends, welcomed the exchange of good advice, not wordy text.


3, the content of the website the lack of new ideas, repeat too much.

The loss of large amount of The

usually leads to the right of the site down mainly divided into the following categories:

was first found that the site is down right when we want to find the reason of the phenomenon, fundamentally, to plan solutions to a series of work right down, this is the general process, I first and you probably summed up some common factors lead to fall right, then the solution in general:

4, internal web site optimization excessive, such as keyword accumulation condition causes.

10, website user experience is too poor.

8, the chain is not stable.

1, title to modify the site title.

7, the website internal chain more.

5, the site’s overall poor correlation is around the theme of the site.

believes that many webmaster see summary of these factors right down time will sigh so one or a few you encountered trouble now, so how to quickly restore our website weight? The author here is not me, and then we bring method:

factors targeted analysis of their site right down lead.

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