See the search long tail word brings big rising traffic to the site

I know this station in mid 2012, in my impression, a short period of six months, the PR rose to 5, Shanghai love weight is reached 7. This is not a familiar site, is how to grow so fast in such a short time? We compare the weight of shot down things over and mogujie贵族宝贝 should be able to find some reasons.

is such a simple sentence, insert the words in the proper position, then, to the related products, eventually forming a competitive page long tail word, long tail word which can be infinitely extended, its power is how much you should know.


3, commodity by tag, title, introduction and other elements, set up with these keywords >

said the most successful social shopping website to share, is of course belongs to mogujie贵族宝贝 and beauty, in this society, there are still a lot of new sites have been born and fall, but there is a "turn things" share station, but in the rapid growth.

before the three words, is home to the "mushroom" related website brand word search volume is the sum of 75358, the first three words and things over, is the brand page with the website not related to commodity words, search volume is the sum of 1157, only the former 1/65. Look down you will find that almost all of the traffic, is the long tail word from the index of less than 50, ranking all the inside pages, this is the search for things over the long tail word to use extreme gains.

1, the establishment of key search thesaurus;

2, according to these words, to the major search engines and shopping sites to collect related words, and in their own website, develop a function: all users search words are collected, and constantly improve your search thesaurus;


Title: T-SHIRT – where to buy a T-shirt for good? We have to buy what kind of T-shirt

is simple to understand, I also follow the operation of some search long tail words, specific practices are as follows.


we just point to open a page, you can find that she is a search box, waterfalls flow layout listings and paging component, is such a simple but not simple search pages, but the "long tail word search T-shirt" like this, so extreme. We look at the head code, more intuitive response.

Description: these T-shirts are online shopping of people share the most popular T-shirt, see what kind of T-shirt is most popular? I believe we can find satisfying shirt lovers, at the same time, but also to love you the shirt lovers also recommend to others, share the fun of online shopping.


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