A5 marketing what kind of website can really suck gold

caused by this one result? Flow high but the low income of the website is very large, but low flow, high income website is not in the minority. Today the red orange blog He Guijiang, and summarizes the common characteristics of some of these years met those suction gold website, see your site if there is a gap of

What is the root cause of

to do a website to let users unable to part



star endorsement of the brand more popular in fact why? One reason is simple: This product is packed more tall, get the trust of customers.


business hot, not only depends on the immediate purchase of users, but also to "potential"


are eligible to participate in the voting site, most of them stay in the "3-5K" between the real can reach above 10K is less and less. But I also want to say is: at present in the industry, at least 80% websites, even the most basic qualification is not

before the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform saw a poll, "bitter B webmaster, how much salary do you". Vote number: 74, not too little, the voting results are as follows:

with a practical example, the red orange blog did a spinning website of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis in August, but his website does not have a word index page ranking, but the monthly income can reach 5K. What is the reason? The fact is that he’s a visit every IP, is a clear intention to pay: the precise long tail keywords, we have reason to believe that his site had the perfect Shanghai Longfeng solution, income will be higher


a user is willing to trust website


a user is willing to pay

why do we love shopping in the Jingdong, why love choose the Jingdong "proprietary"? The root cause is the biggest confidence! However just this point, there are a large number of websites and do not

do a user trust website: website packaging to the product packaging must be tall, tall, tall business package, the user experience should be tall! This is currently the most websites are lacking, the lack of some one or two, and some are lacking, sometimes I have to admit that it is very important to us.


index is high, competition tends to be more intense, but more intense competition may not necessarily be the most profitable! If there is a movie station 300IP every day, he may have only a month income of hundreds of pieces of advertising. But if given a "enterprise" he might sell tens of thousands of products, or even higher.

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