Shanghai love the performance of the site into the sandbox and Solutions

site into the sandbox love Shanghai solution

Talking about my pregnancy topic a few days before

I love Shanghai station in the judgment of the sandbox reason, the first observation of me these days. (hereinafter refers to love Shanghai has nothing to do with the Google sandbox sandbox.

because the previous article mentioned most of these problems, so do not repeat.

3, every 1 to 2 original article, Shanghai will receive love before, now love Shanghai not included, but see the spider log found, the update, the spider crawl, but is not put out.



site because of the short term do more Links, and Links poor correlation.

1, website ranking no, still updated daily snapshot.

3, the website at the same time the exchange Links, modify dozens of address, the original guest address all disguised as ***/123.htm address.

the original update every day, adhere to continuous high quality the chain, at the same time, I also do a good job in the chain station site, dilution target keywords link. From the spider crawling log and snapshot, love Shanghai or on my website and expectations, but the serious mistakes, so put the station back into the two test, if the exam may be re out of the sandbox in a month will be free. If you continue to progress, it is for a longer period of time.

2, a large number of target keywords to the home page, the site within the chain.

(www.lady126贵族宝贝) was down the right, it is the first time to write "from the guest station night fell down the right reason" ranking analysis of a text, and to share with everybody stationmaster net, this paper mainly analyzes the reasons I think that this site right down, but did not give a specific argument, down right after I have been pondering this, why make a nearly two years old from the station, ranked first, suddenly no ranking? Now I finally understand what is going on this website: website into the sand box of the unfortunate love.

is actually very simple, we all know the basic principles: insist on doing the same,

4, from right down for a week, every day were observed during the period of a week update but did not appear to fall in love with the sea did turn, so the judgment of the station into the sandbox.

sandbox?1, ?

2, these days the chain has been increasing, but ranked no improvement.

only for analyzing and dealing with the way I stand into the sandbox, because there are many reasons lead to site into the sandbox, first encountered an old station into the sandbox, a profound lesson, I believe that in the future there will not be so low.

why an old station will suddenly be into love Shanghai

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