A personal blog for a month from 1 to 4 weight sharing experience


a small sum, before does not update the snapshot and not included in the article, mainly because of the blog in October last year before almost did not update the article, natural love Shanghai spiders also know this site is not updated, so the spider crawling frequency is very low, by regularly updating the blog, the Shanghai spiders love slowly I know the update frequency, through a period of "investigation" began to regularly crawl on my website, included new article.

today with the webmaster tools to check the next blog of the Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive state, suddenly found the love of Shanghai, weight 4, or 3 in the morning, too excited, write down this blog weight on 4 experience, share exchange.

blog has already been established for more than three years, but the real optimization is to start the update last October, just before the free content updates, the longest period of time for half a year has not been updated, even they did not land, not to the domain name server and expired, estimates are not to see.

1. Links: add some independent blog exchange group, blog forum to exchange Links. Here it doesn’t care as much data, as long as the content, update normal, have changed, it is the link for friendship, when friends chant, also will have more opportunities to communicate, naturally they will often come to see your blog, message, to enhance the popularity of the blog. And love Shanghai algorithm update, for >

last September a study of Shanghai Longfeng the opportunity to learn to follow the point, then put the blog title, description, keywords are changed, 2 months later, the blog page snapshot has not updated, also not included the update, hurry me, thought to be punished with the sea. In order to get the love of spiders in Shanghai’s favor, I still insist that every one or two articles, and then slowly began to love Shanghai included new article I, the first is the 5 one, then 3 papers received one, now a collection of A.

content optimization

first, don’t be so many questions misleading, there is no shortcut to go, especially the Shanghai dragon, I this month weight 4 is built before the above updating optimization basis, good nonsense not say, the sharing of experience.


started almost every day of the original article, but to write more, nature can write less and less, and then from the Internet to find some related content to the blog (loose and the Moonlight blog is a reprint of the most, and then some technology blog, portal), feelings of writing his own comments., add or modify some of their own ideas, with the source of the article, with links to people, otherwise it is not ethical. When choosing the content of the article can choose the nearest hot words (can be viewed from the Shanghai love billboard) related articles, this article is very easy to collect, but also to compare the rankings. Now I mean an article every day.

external link optimization


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