How Shanghai dragon website down right respond

the moment with the continuous reform and love Shanghai, link is the search engine against cheating methods, so it is best not to buy website through the link to maintain this ranking, so will one day be right down.

if the chain website suddenly lost most, then this will lead to the site to drop right. This time, we want to put the chain back up as soon as possible, so that the site entered a stable period.

chain also want to pay attention to a good, if the chain do all forum signature, the chain is not the user’s needs, will lead to site is down right when the garbage outside the chain too much. Because of this reason, when the site right down, so the best way is to stop the side of the spam chain, while doing a leading chain to help users.

and 3. other factors

The With the continuous reform of

if the site right down not because caused by the revision, then it may be because the content change and the right to be reduced. Of course, it may not really be right down, but because the content of the website is modified, content and coefficient of love Shanghai need to recalculate the site, so this is the people often said into the assessment period, resulting in the overall ranking of the site down, do not worry too much, it will recover over time.

website has been updated with the needs of customers Never mind content, it may also lead to excessive accumulated garbage, which appear on the website right down, the face of this situation, to delete these articles or hide immediately, please add some users are more concerned about the information, of course, on the web page the more important position.

If the

2. station reason

when the site right down, you do not worry too much. First to see whether because the site change procedures, or delete the directory path is caused by a large number of dead links exist, after all these links will lead directly to the site to drop right. At this time, don’t worry, some measures should be taken to shield the dead link. It is best to give these dead link pages made of 404 pages, if it is due to change the path down the right, it would have to do a 301 redirect, and then submit to love Shanghai.

love Shanghai, many websites may overnight be right down, which makes a lot of Shanghai dragon very distressed. But we have to keep a cool head, right down to find out the reasons, the only way to go to carry out a reasonable solution. The Beijing website optimization will take you a look at the solution down the right site, really fast recovery site.

down the right site in addition to the above two reasons, the server space is not stable, horse attack led to the site open, 360 interception, search engine algorithm change, these will also cause the site to drop right. Therefore we must adopt the good server space, if found to have linked to timely.

station 1. reasons

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