How to do the case analysis of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis for B2C website

following Yang Zi on Shanghai Longfeng mall EVOC group:

. In the domain name: mall before diagnosis, first easy to understand what is the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon has what kind of value.

(Search engine optimization, Shanghai dragon search engine optimization), which in order to enhance web search engine natural search results (non commercial promotion results) included the number and ranking position and do optimization behavior, it has two purposes: 1. liters keywords website ranking, attracted traffic, a trading. 2. to improve the website user experience, let users understand the company even if it is not on the site can also feel the company’s strong strength and rigorous high-end corporate image.

about Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis scheme and idea of Yang Zi to Shanghai dragon has published the original articles to share, including B2B diagnosis and optimization suggestions to promote the book, the traditional enterprise station and rival Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis proposal, English website of Shanghai Longfeng optimal diagnosis case, these are pure dry cargo is I have no keep the share out, remember to share Yang Zi in Shanghai dragon B2B on a web site a vertical industry diagnosis and optimization proposals, a friend said you do these stupid is the company’s secret you can share it, not afraid to kill you "". It was also really did not think so much, just want some Shanghai dragon extension ideas, my experience to share.


two. Of Shanghai dragon and its target is introduced, in order to achieve the goal, as the following several aspects of the following optimization problems on the diagnosis of the mall:


mall by ASP station, the station appeared in a dynamic form, while URL too many parameters, the link structure is not clear, is not conducive to the search engine spider crawling is not conducive to good user experience as shown below:

The so-called 1.


on the site to search engine optimization, general station is in static or pseudo static form, the URL suffix is HTML or shtml, while URL is divided into flat structure and tree structure for the flat, the mall is best for the flat structure of the tree level not more than three layers, namely: the main >

1. URL diagnosis

Shanghai dragon basic thoughts and methods of diagnosis of

but then listen to the friend said after the psychological was also really a little not the taste, indeed some things should not take out, behind Yang Zi think of my mind is to share, share more and more, I believe the harvest to make friends all over the world concept, a basic diagnosis of Shanghai dragon again today to share with you to give Yang Zi EVOC group the mall has done, hope everybody can draw more dry cargo.

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