n the face of the tangled novice how to do Shanghai dragon sprocket

3. chain construction. The sprocket is a big collective, if there is a K will also affect other site rankings, this will bring everyone together to suffer, so new Adsense doing, we must pay attention to the original web site content, if it is not the original, it also must be original. As I started on the ixwebhosting Chinese station, link the 贵族宝贝cn.ixwebhosting贵族宝贝 home page, because no time management stations, using collection tools, update the content of the website, and blog registration is also using the tool, a long time my weight is very high, but the site is still being K. So in the chain, not lazy, do not use the Tools > registration station

two, to overcome the difficulties in the construction of the

Accidentally caused by a K

chainThe construction of the chain

2. the sprocket construction is very boring. Every blog every day is the need to update the article, but the best is the original article, then add the anchor text in the article, pointing to the target web site to the target site to bring more searches, increase the weight of the website. So many of the blog, need to update, it is very boring for a novice webmaster, and to make new Adsense update original is very difficult, so new Adsense to as soon as possible to improve your weight, you have to hold on these boring.

, a choice of establishing a blog group instead of stations

Shanghai dragon sprocket can have two kinds of methods: one is the blog group, two stations. For busy stationmaster, establishing a blog group is the clear choice, now third blogs in particular, they can be registered is beginning, a few minutes can fix fast. To build a station, the basic domain name registration, buy space, upload all words you for hours, you will start your space is not stable and trouble, but the cost is as can be imagined. But the blog you also want to have a heart, no such effect than station group effect is good, after all, is the third party, included to slowly, but as long as you adhere to the original content, the ads will not be too much, and your user to interact, the effect is as can be imagined.

Shanghai dragon wheel construction as a general, uniform for soft, the number of posts can be done, but also a lot of difficulties in the construction of

webmaster friends every day to find the chain to worry about, not cooked a day have a wheel, and then began the crazy site, with links to the master station crazy, spent tremendous effort after the sprocket is was finally built, back, it is not clear to you I was. The Shanghai dragon chain these tangled, busy novice webmaster to how to deal with.

1. wheel is the need for a long time in just the beginning of the construction, A chain to B, B to C chain and Z chain, finally to A, a loop link formed by a chain to the station, so as to play the role of weight transfer site.

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