How to arrange new examples to analyze the website structure

2. written description, the description is to let us through a sentence, the key words, the web content, and the keywords into, describe the expansion of the title is, "the central meaning is further elaborated. "The description does not need to be too long, to highlight the main content of the website, highlighting the main keywords, to write attractive.

For example,

1. we must first understand the basic knowledge of HTML, because it is in the site must be used, simple head, body tags we must understand the most basic, we must know how to write the title website. The title is the key for a web site, write the title, in the website optimization process may play a multiplier effect. The title should generally cover the entire content of the website, and the site of the primary key in the title, the title is to tell the search engine and users, what are the main contents of our website. The website not only home to a different title, the title of the page is not the same as

LG of my own TV repair site, the title of the station mainly home page, the article page classification.


home page: site name or the name of the web site _ service introduced or products or phone number.

4. web site within the chain and the anchor text, anchor text is used to express the theme of "connecting point, for users to understand and view. When building a new station, the station in my own is the original, in the chain of each article will be added to the corresponding, so the effect of weight transfer.

3. web site content should have a professional direction, for example LG TV cannot cover and contain everything, repair my own website, the content is mainly the common problems of television, television use common sense TV maintenance, and LG brand related some product information or LG news, in order to attract more professional content. To users, improve the user experience.

in the process of establishment of the station site, the structure arrangement is very important, whether it is a new webmaster or experienced webmaster, will not vote for this view, then we should be how to arrange the structure of the site, here is a simple analysis for one of my own recent new examples.

page: the name of the site name



page classification: class name _ site name




site structure is directly related to the user experience and search engine judgment, and included and ranking weights. So in the site.

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