Love the six factors of Shanghai keywords ranking

page update frequencyThe update frequency of

ER a lot of Shanghai dragon in order to make the site get better ranking, suddenly add anchor text links a keyword, the consequences of doing so will lead to search engine 11, so the anchor text links can not be too single, to the appropriate dilution, this will allow the search engine that is normal to increase links, rather than human caused.

: the first URL length and static

keyword densityPerhaps the

chain is an important factor to improve the website weight and keywords ranking, only a day steady rise of the chain, the high quality of the chain site, only to have the opportunity to get a better ranking in the search engine, the general chain rapid rise to the site caused by the only damage >

love Shanghai more and more strict, because now the pseudo original, reproduced site is too much weight, so love Shanghai give poor website for the content is very low, even included thousands, tens of thousands, but these included pages due to the content of poor quality, but not all give the ranking.

third: anchor text dilution




contentQuality audit for the content of the

is now the search engine has become the China love Shanghai’s largest search engine, so most owners are concerned about it, but if you want to get traffic from love Shanghai, the Shanghai society of sex keyword ranking, but the most important keywords no outbound two aspects, the content and the chain, but the factors that affect the keyword ranking it is very much, such as the following factors.

URL length does affect the keywords ranking, such as when searching certain keywords, rarely found that URL long site in the front row, not only hard to remember, and the input is too long, so as to shorten the length of URL, the static addition is URL, although it is not static. No influence on reading, but some dynamic URL will make the search engine infinite loop grab, serious waste of resources of search engines, so in order to reduce the unnecessary search engines work, static URL can better increase the number included.

keyword density factors in all eyes, seldom pay attention to, but in fact this factor for the love of Shanghai search engine, has a very large impact is, although some keyword density is very low the website can obtain good keywords ranking, but the website keyword density set of row in front of the very place so, improve the keyword density of the page is very important.

page is also very important, most of the row in front of search engine website, update frequency is very high, but a slightly higher weight site, basically publish articles is the second, these are because the update frequency is stable, long-term accumulated effect.

fifth: the quality of

sixth: the quality of the chain of

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