Making clear the site map to make your website included fly

1, HTML site map

if the structure of a web site is very deep, it is very difficult to take up the search engine, to spiders can crawl into your deep structure of the site, so the site map is a must, how to do site map is what we now want to explore the topic.

2 and XML in the form of site map

XML form

1, on the website to promote the role of

2, the site structure optimization have a direct help.

site map is the basis for a website, so, what role? There are two main effects:


site map mainly has two forms, a site map is HTML, English is sitemp—s to lowercase, this site map is mainly to the user, a list of all the main website page links page. It should be noted here, whether small or large, the site map must be clear, to give people a clear effect of the. All of the page to the station you can complete the entire page list, and for large, can make the most important link, but the structure of the website must clear. If the site map is not the idea, the site map can imitate others good, after Chongqing Shanghai Longfeng Ding will explain how to make the site map, this is the site map to love Shanghai.


is a web site, whether good or bad, the most basic is to have a site map site map for the user not only can clear all the contents of the website at a glance, and the search engine can quickly understand and crawl your site, make it fast included your page.

love Shanghai



site map

Site map

site map is another form of XML is the site map, Sitemp—s English is capitalized. Site map general online this format has automatic generation tool, you will only need to generate the URL of the website can enter into the automatic generation. The site map in the form of XML is composed of XML tag, the site map is actually the list need to be included in the URL page, as shown below is the standard form of

urlset label is a must, declaration file >

site map


said the site map can not increase the spider included on your web site, but the site map will contribute to you collected, it can make all the show "to search engine spiders.

Site map

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