How to shorten the cycle of new optimization to enhance the optimization effect

new station on the line, a lot of time to optimize work is very troublesome, especially some enterprise site halfway up, at the beginning of the site has not considered the website structure and user experience, resulting in the optimization process is difficult if midway at the beginning of the site will take into account these points will shorten the optimization cycle to improve our website optimization then, the specific effect, we should optimize the strategy of how to develop the new station? Well, here the author and do a detailed analysis of what.

second, the website structure must consider the user habits and spiders. Here the author mainly talked about the establishment of the template for many enterprises, especially the direct use of the Kaiyuan Internet program to build the site, the first station in the strategy template fits behind a large margin, love Shanghai more love is in line with the company and users can consider the independent development of user browsing and reading habits of the custom website structure. A unique type of website structure, to enhance the website ranking has obvious advantages. Secondly, the website logical structure and physical structure deployment page layout and we have to reasonable level, must be clear, directory level to control the content of the page directory, preferably not more than three layers.

third, the new content is true for users to consider. We know that the content is always the basis of optimization, is also very important to the webmaster headache, I was on the construction of website content, always ask yourself a question, this article can really help users? In the process of construction, grasp the core points, I believe the content of the website construction up do not focus on the content in the end how to do? If the website content in the process of making you blindly in order to meet the love of spiders in Shanghai, for example, I was 2% or 6% keywords layout, the content of a website to set the number of anchor text links, website content to layout several keywords to optimize the day full of think about these issues, this article is certainly not conducive to reading and user experience, to cater to the spider but let their thinking by writing Very limited, get a theme around the theme to provide valuable content for the user, this is enough to. Intelligent search engine is can determine the love in the end is for Shanghai or for the sake of users.

fourth, the chain construction.

first, for the site selection of station program. The site is optimized for the carrier, no site where the optimization said, the website program first work to optimize a superb collection of beautiful things, at the beginning we have to do is to carefully consider the website program, whether it is open source or their own custom site for small and medium enterprises, almost all functions can be met, when I recommend the website the best choice of the background can generate static pages. Secondly, the site layout the best use of the current popular div+css web site layout, especially home don’t put too much advertising or flash elements, the user experience is the core of our main station, always grasp the process of construction.

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