Love of Shanghai recently K station humble opinion

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brother is the flagship of Taobao passenger station on the same day, although the K found one site Links there are as many as 5 Links is K, but I still always adhere to the principle of their own, wait 3-5 days. Today is a day to fifth, to the webmaster to send a QQ message, tell them I have removed his links (if included back, let’s continue).

3, website content can not see "

is a web site theme to replace the taboo, which is why we in the construction site must be selected before the theme direction, choose the right keywords, do the competitor analysis. Many people see the weight station profits, all rush on like a swarm of hornets. But over the past few months, found that weight loss competition is so big, difficult ah, to do other areas of little competition. Think of webmaster love Shanghai point of how it would consider this problem, don’t you feel a bit "unfaithful", poor user experience, do not drop right K station that even if you’re lucky.


love in Shanghai last week began a new round of K station, many owners complain incessantly, this is understandable, after all the work site is integrated, change a love Shanghai may make you fall into the abyss of the station. The network on the love sea K station operations were also all kinds of analysis, brother Bucai also issued a personal opinion

because of the early exchange chain before a study will be on each site, so they "reincarnation" or some master. I will analyze the 5 sites, the Shanghai K station found that love is not to follow the law, these sites are not escape the following types:

website theme

if your site is not updated for a long time, please from now on a regular update. You do not necessarily require daily updates, but every three days, and every week an update can always be right, unless you are prepared to abandon it.

"can not see" is divided into many kinds, such as the pseudo original software, simple word replacement, simple paragraph reordering, the content is not readable, thinking a large jump. And these sites collection content sources have a common characteristic, namely the content acquisition station. So, these articles have actually seen countless times, love Shanghai, love Shanghai think your paper is highly repetitive, did not provide any information of a point value to the user.


I usually check weekly about 2 times Links, also very early that some site snapshot is very backward, there is no content update webmaster. Do not update the content, no new spider can absorb nutrition in the course of time, spiders are no gain and back, they began to lose patience, not to patronize you, extreme words is the direct K station, shayijingbai. Love of Shanghai garbage station is sledgehammer

1, replacing the

site not update for a long time


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