The enterprise needs not only website optimization

for the enterprise, what is the website optimization? From my personal point of view, the enterprise website optimization should include the following:

with website optimization to bring enterprise profit more and more, and more and more enterprises realize website optimization effect, many companies will own network promotion work is outsourced to the website optimization company, there are many enterprises set up their own powerful website optimization team. The enterprise urgent sense of achievement is stronger, more is to see the website optimization more weight, the easier it is to make some stupid mistakes. So I do not know the website optimization is a long lasting

4. in the enterprises to form a kind of network marketing environment. For example, the traditional industry, we are by telephone or personal means to obtain orders, but in the Internet era these must be changed. You can use a unified unified QQ signature, blog, unified company mailbox, and even phone customized ringing tone. As we all know, blog is a good way of marketing, but the company’s employees, they will.

3. to determine the marketing direction. We do website optimization is for marketing or in order to establish the image? In order to bring a large number of invalid website traffic, server load increases, or to optimize the website to get more business opportunities and turnover? We are brand promotion or to viral propaganda? All these can determine the site optimization of an enterprise success or failure.

2. to establish the brand marketing plan, to establish a corporate culture. A good website to optimize the environment, good corporate culture to support. I agree with the website optimization approach, all companies who are mobilized to create some unique cultural temperament of their business, expand the influence. If a company in the internal management confusion, employee moral hazard, no corporate culture, that such enterprises lack of cohesion, also lack the essence of website optimization.


1. enterprise website construction. Because it is related to network and network marketing, so the establishment of a stable, good website, is the problem of an enterprise. In the network, you can see a lot of corporate website, but it is difficult to find a website to do well in this area. There are even some large enterprises, the website into the future, is primary level, really flattered.

we are now on the network can see a lot of website optimization engineering company, these companies have accumulated a lot of experience and resources website optimization, and have strong technical strength and execution. However, from the view of enterprise, enterprise website optimization objective is not simply for the ranking of search engines that search engine optimization objective is not only to do business. If any company boss told me that he is just to do site optimization bring traffic to the site, I can only say that he did not know the website optimization, so he will spend a lot of money to go to the site to bring a lot of traffic, and his traffic, just did not have any effect on traffic flow.

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