Group purchase website for the blind expansion of evil Zhaxian winter diet

although it is a hot summer, but for the group to buy the site, but may have entered a tough winter ahead. Fierce competition, industry gross profit is more and more low, group purchase escalating losses, venture Wujin purse, not easy to pull one hair, have admitted a large group purchase website, new hiring and omnipresent advertising bombing. The group purchase industry like a raging fire, where the? How they will spend this sudden winter? Who can survive the winter to the end of


"winter" signal

the consequences of blind expansion of Zhaxian

recently, don’t see how many new group purchase website claims, how many employees to expand the city station, on the contrary, group purchase website has continued to spread the news of layoffs. In August 19th, Tencent and the group purchase originator Groupon previously concern the joint venture, the internal staff of the media broke the news that Gaopeng began a large-scale layoffs in Shanghai, Shanghai had a total of more than and 500 employees, the layoffs will cut 30% of about 150 people.

The person in charge of a

friends on the media, in addition to the local Shanghai, in fact, Shanghai branch in charge of the 20 city basically are layoffs. Gaopeng Beijing headquarters also began to gradually cut stage. In fact, just two months ago is still recruiting friends. In March this year, the Groupon Inc has just entered the China when it is a wave of frenzied recruitment, even paid to peer poaching.

in addition to Gaopeng, has always been a high-profile foreign Wo Wo Group into a "layoffs door" incident in July this year, the departments involved in sales department, technical department, personnel department, quality control department etc.. As of August 4th, Wo Wo Group has two batches of 20 employees to apply for arbitration to the city of Beijing, Haidian District labor arbitration committee in the agent’s help.

group of 800 data provided by the Chinese group purchase website from March last year began to rise, has reached more than 5 thousand, and they are early in order to get investment, crazy set of sub stations in the country, consume a large amount of funds, the top ten group purchase website the number of employees less mission network has more than more than 2 thousand people, as the handle network of more than 6000 people.

"group purchase website for large-scale layoffs, is a consequence of the rapid expansion of the industry, the Committee of experts of policy and Law Committee Chinese Electronic Commerce Association Zhao Zhanling bluntly pointed out that the current predicament is the group purchase because the early development of blind expansion led.

buy winter has approached

"buy bubble as fast as the ozone layer, and this winter will soon come, this winter will be very cold." Vice president of the U.S. representative Wang Huiwen is the first group purchase website industry dished out the "winter" executives, he pointed out that the first half of 2011, group purchase market costs rose by 10 times, the number of employees up to 10 times, operating costs rose by 10 times, the amount of investment rose 10 times. But because of the fierce competition, the price war has been favorable for consumption

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