Non station analysis and summary of the website of Shanghai dragon beauty Lele harvest the pink of p

in fact, there is a choice of keywords screening, many search volume keywords may not be suitable for us to do as we do, we do the "Cimic tiles", if you do Cimic tile official customer service phone "," Cimic tile official website "these words may not have a good ranking even by the love of Shanghai’s rejection; other similar words, such as" how "and" beauty beauty of ceramic tile ceramic tile good you ", this is entirely the same two words a meaning, we can only choose one of two, if the words like this to do, this site from garbage the site is not far away from love, but also not too far to punish Shanghai.

In fact, Shanghai ? Bainaohui

column layout, clear picture to make people feel very comfortable on this site, and each city site paging is to solve the problem of high repeatability of the mall site, click on it the station, we found that the page is unchanged, most become only a small part, such as some experience store in each city the telephone number, address and Links, and site navigation, product layout and links are all the same.

is also an article "awful incomparable, Japan’s ten largest boring invention" in Xiamen included, Beijing is very difficult to estimate included:


secondly, we through Robo>

love can be identified for similar words, love Shanghai, a key but ability, if there is such an automatic mining and recognition software for similar keywords, the auxiliary Shanghai dragon will be of great help.


Home Furnishing building materials industry, natural and ultimately analysis beauty Lele website of the Shanghai Phoenix, recently always on this website of some of their Shanghai Longfeng optimization details; in early 2010 America Lele has a certain visibility, traffic is large, but not very good, because they rely on a lot of traffic an accumulation of keywords to get, now this one they have improved greatly, the original random now has been improved with keywords.

beauty Lele flow is great, but it is still not enough to find places to do, the first is the accumulation of keywords, such as this article: "how beautiful beautiful ceramic tile ceramic tile price list" two search volume keywords in the same title, apparently for keywords ranking and, without considering the user’s reading, if two words respectively as an article is able to produce better results for

see below is also a national station: ShangCheng Railway Station Bainaohui: they design the city station is almost the same as as like as two peas, the link will inevitably lead to these sites for the Shanghai dragon, such as the Beijing Railway Station and XiaMen Railway Station:

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