How to optimize the e commerce website user experience

site planning and design is always stressed that the user experience, but really do a good job. Window of the world leather net is the end of the line, the line is too hasty, due to the end of the year is not easy to recruit people, in the absence of UI design and art in the case of a hurry on the line. So the user experience is not very good, after repeated modification and improvement, step by step to improve the user experience. Although we have encountered some difficulties, but this a team together, finally achieved good results, but also to win the trust of customers, now more and more businesses start leather bags shop in the windows of the world, I believe we will become better and better. During this period, most of the user experience to improve the deep experience, let’s talk about it.

, domain name

now remember the domain name is basically not registered, and want a good domain name really have to move some brains. Our domain name is.Cn, there is an end of the same domain name.Com, it is often said that the wrong person, this user experience is not very good, this is what we do not enough. Domain name to do the following:

1, domain name easy to remember. This is an old promble, for this is easy to remember, it is best to buy several similar domain names, 301 directional to the domain name.

2, domain name and website theme to be related. This is the most direct advantage of convenient memory, of course, is also beneficial to search optimization.

3, the use of

Chinese domain, Chinese domain is the most convenient memory, a lot of people looking for a web site are the first to use the search engine search, using the domain name Chinese completely avoids this problem, of course, do not use this as a domain name of words or 301 directional.

two, navigation optimization

navigation bar seems simple only a few words, but this is the entire site overview, reflecting the basic framework of a web site. Navigation bar is the most important is concise and clear, so that visitors will know what it is. Secondly, some of the site is not a column, but the relative importance of the page, you can then increase the navigation at the bottom of the text or other places, to guide visitors to click, but also conducive to search engine crawl page.

three, customer service system

customer service system is very important, customers often need to communicate with us, which must provide them with a tool. Customer service system is to facilitate the exchange of primary, practical but not cumbersome, need to pay attention to a few points:

1, convenient and quick. The first to be thought of communication tools is of course QQ, almost every computer is equipped with QQ, do not worry about the problem of the system does not support. Followed by Ali Wangwang and MSN, these tools can basically cover China netizens.

2, browser compatibility. Began the trial of an enterprise version of the QQ trial, the Firefox browser does not open, do not know is I haven’t found the right version of Tencent or forget to upgrade, this is a fatal problem.

3, loading speed >

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