Excellent purchase orders that day exceeded 7000 single super music Amoy industry ranks second


integrated shopping website traffic rankings (from Alexa data)


technology news (Le Tian) February 27th news, the industry ranked comprehensive B2C seems to have been settled, but in the field of vertical B2C field, the market may occur in the twinkling of an eye. Alexa data show that ranking, BELLE International Holdings operations and purchase online shoe two weeks of continuous flow and user coverage rose 30%, ranking jumped second.

insider, sporting goods and purchase online shoe recent traffic soared mainly due to the launch of the website promotion to zero "spring thunder action", last week the site on orders exceeded 7000, sales of two million. Music Amoy network user coverage and traffic showed a downward trend. Comprehensive data currently on the line for only 7 months and purchase online shoe industry first and is very close.

and purchase online shoe that launched the "Jubilee action sports goods sales invested more than 5000 kinds of sports goods, 200 thousand goods; Nike, Adidas, Puma, CONVERSE and other brands of minus 50 yuan -200 yuan, 4-7 fold in the original basis, and other high value fanquan. At the same time, and purchase online shoe also outside the station increased advertising investment cooperation. Web site orders have stabilized in 6000 single or more, the number of registered users more than 10 thousand.

and purchase online shoe CMO Xu Lei said that the choice of sports goods in 2012 as a force point, the main consideration of sporting goods concentration, commodity awareness high, more standardized, more likely to boost the market, stimulate demand.

Xu Lei judge, under the influence of the capital of the winter, due to the advantages of capital and goods, 2012 is an excellent opportunity to break the traditional business electricity supplier". Chen Hu, vice president of music, said that this year’s music Amoy do not participate in these thousands of single order one or two ranking.

view that unlike 3C, books and other categories, shoes belong to the futures market for goods, style, purchase requirements higher amount of anticipation and the demand for capital goods buyout. However, in the vertical fine classification of e-commerce market, the real competition began.

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