Worth buying kind of shopping guide Station secret the user experience is the first productivity

is the industry leader and Takeshi building super daddy, small bin is the telecommunications industry hanging wire and older unmarried young men.

in 2011 when the two were to do a part-time job as a shopping guide class website, with Taobao guest platform, the two were able to earn a few thousand dollars. In 2012, due to the small Wu turned to the pacifier, normal operation has no time to take into account the site, and then discuss the small bin, determined to create a full-time recommended "cost of goods shopping guide platform.

positioning of this platform is to do similar to the worth buy shopping guide website, designed for users to recommend cost-effective products. Two years in the past, and now the number of visits to the platform on a daily basis, more than and 400 transactions a day, the monthly income of more than 30 thousand, compared to two years ago, revenue has turned over the times of 10.

where did the early users come from? Social networking +SEM

where do users come from? No matter what business they do, they may encounter problems like this at the beginning.


not too many resources in the early, Takeshi choose the free way of advertising, for example, to each big website, Tianya, school, various social networking sites such as mop.com, as long as people crowded places, you can promote your site.

in the early days they did not have the opportunity, but also did not expect the use of soft Wen, but to some of the less stringent regulatory sections, such as the life of the class of the forum, shopping recommended class section, recommended cost-effective goods. Ten posts in nine will be deleted, but also has "survived", began to adhere to is so silly.

later the two lessons learned, some technical content of the post. After a certain amount of traffic began to do outside the chain, the middle also paid a keyword advertising, spend 2000 of the advertising fee per day, can bring a more than 5 thousand click.

to two people now have basically not the site’s advertising, the site is fixed at about 10 thousand of the daily visit.

shopping guide goods how to choose? Responsible for the content!

shopping guide website in the selection of goods, you can have a lot of choices, the principle is to recommend their own familiar areas, they did not buy the desire of the goods, will not recommend.

users broke the news, the principle is to have their own pro test orders will be released to the website after approval.


fierce competition based on commodity rankings, businesses in the new time, at the end of the season, the Festival Eve will use price war to obtain the product more opportunity to show. Keep in touch so as to Amoy and merchants preferential goods first time can obtain from merchants, help business promotion.

of course, sometimes from the merchant to get preferential information is not necessarily recommended information, at this time should hold the concept of win-win three parties to select goods.

(1) for businesses, to get traffic, it is necessary to abandon the price

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