Three threshold electricity providers micro shop have incoming derivative to cross


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relative to Taobao, the current micro business seems to be more difficult to obtain, which is micro business to the center, the business has to face the problem. After the center of the micro business may also face many challenges, whether it is the platform, or brands need to change the way of thinking and operation.

March 30th, shop No. 1 announced C2C micro business open platform No. 1 V shop APP formally launched. Micro business ranks to add another electricity supplier system platform.

wireless is a very important strategy for us, has been trying to social mode, while the micro shop is a combination of electricity providers and social point, to activate the user’s social network, looking for a business point." 1 V shop, a person in charge to accept the twenty-first Century economic news reporter interviewed said.

from last year, the micro business has become one of the hottest keywords electricity supplier, industry and capital have experienced a rapid advance. Only in October last year, there are three companies on-line micro shop or the completion of the financing, again joined Jingdong Department pat Network, on-line pat micro shop, now has hundreds of thousands of businessmen in the pocket shopping; including Tencent, investors get $350 million investment; almost at the same time, electricity providers third party service providers also sent $30 million to set up the amount of get involved in the business, micro; recent rumors that, Wanda also to enter the micro business.

"last year was there (the original pocket pass) the fastest of the year, at the end of March this year in business has reached 1 million 400 thousand." There is praise for the market Director Dan Dan to accept the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, said, at the same time around the micro business, but also formed a huge ecosystem service providers." Two years ago there began to focus on the micro business, and pocket shopping is regarded as the two big vanguard derivative.

with the addition of traditional electronic business platform, micro business gradually become a scale, and many people as the future trend of electricity providers. Song Yang vice president Pat to twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said that the micro shop is to the center of the model, compared with the traditional "business center" pattern, micro business businesses can reduce the barriers to entry and traffic acquisition costs, and can be connected directly to businesses and consumers.

but at the same time, micro business barbaric growth also caused the situation even the dragons and fishes jumbled together, waving the banner of micro business network marketing; the circle of friends, QQ space, micro-blog is full of all kinds of advertising.

a mature micro business ecology is what kind of current micro business play what are in the center of the era, businesses need to make what changes?

micro providers play

micro business outbreak can be attributed to the rapid development of mobile Internet and traditional electricity providers have encountered two major bottlenecks.

that Dan Dan said, there is a rapid development of praise in fact, from the beginning of last year, WeChat paid on the line, open up the payment link. At that time, WeChat has a traffic supply, payment, etc.

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