Analysis on the rationality of the concept of service provider

the author first puts forward a problem here (perhaps new concept), if an Internet company based on a kind of industrial electricity business, and business itself is the industry escort, then the enterprise is the business enterprise


is a new concept, is always accompanied by the development of the business model, the concept of "service providers" may be an empty word. The current electricity supplier industry competition has intensified from industry giants to become rational, market segmentation also do everything, all kinds of patterns of consolidation and integration has reached a new height. It can be said that any shares of the capital to get into the electricity supplier industry, we must do a good job in a coffin ready. In the previous article also mentioned, do not easily say the electricity supplier died, the remarks, but the fact is true.

Xue Wei

: "service providers" is Zoupian Jian Feng

Xue Wei, director of brand operation. And many enterprises to enter the market in Beijing, like the electricity supplier, from the initial positioning to a dead end, and ultimately made this seemingly thankless business strategy. Don’t need to see the detailed data to know, on the domestic electric sphere has formed a situation of tripartite confrontation of the situation: the Alibaba as the representative of the free retail platform, since the recovery since the purchase transaction platform represented by Jingdong, Suning represented "entity + online sales platform. A little analysis is not difficult to see that this soil has no space for the growth of any new electricity supplier.

As for the

model and then a few toss about?. Xue Wei and his team have been struggling between the old and the new. After adjustment, the city began to buy the brand in accordance with the current form of work. First of all, in the mode of choice, the city to buy the brand’s Internet business ideas for full coverage. I saw dozens of sites on its official website, covering all the current domestic Internet model. The business is concerned, any one of these sites requires a large team support; technically, the operator of the website does not take a fancy to excessive development, from graphic design to realize the function of is neutral. In other words, it is an ordinary business website.

pure competition electricity supplier business, we have no advantage – many people have no advantage." Xue Wei told the author, after a number of transformation, they also reluctantly admitted the fact. City to buy the brand is not without the ability to look for new projects, more simply, do buy site can also be profitable. The purchase of the city formerly in the Shandong market fought for many years, and accumulated considerable network, products still have certain advantages. However, considering the current situation of the development of electricity providers, or decisively abandoned the idea.

then there is the current theory.

simple summary of the so-called "service provider" concept, the industry can make a comment. This model has three essential links, one is the pillar industry, the Internet is the two

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