Where is the bright future of SP industry

first stated: the following discussion is only for general SP, there are special cattle X background or special cattle X business company is not in the scope of the discussion.

first, from the point of view of the industry ecosystem, the gap between the operator and the strong gap between the operators of SP led to a serious squeeze on SP living space.

What is the current situation of ecological environment in the

industry? Is SP with respect to the weak operator, such as fish in daozu. Of course, the individual background cattle X SP is not in the discussion, the operator is only a channel for them, there is no other meaning. But in general situation, the operator is on the same seize from my hands on the interests of the chain of SP it, my great country in good faith, said eat you. The sentence is not to say that this is a winner take all the time.

what if you found a gold bar in your yard?. Take the money from the sale of gold to eat, the drink, nobody tube you. If you find a vault in the yard, and what is the consequences of the consequences of the big, but the Treasury of the state property, have to turn over, you secretly possession that is illegal. Of course, you pay, the state will give you three melon two dates, said. SP is facing the same situation. You develop a new business, if done tepid, so operators will let you stay in the corner of the emerge of itself and perish of itself; if a business do like a decent touch, but it seems quite bright prospects, it would like to congratulate you, this business will soon turn into the operator’s own business ", that is to say," over the country ".

this operator relative to the absolute strength of SP, making SP’s living space has been a great squeeze, the performance of the SP’s survival is:

1, SP only disdain in carriers of the business to earn a few minor, bit by bit of silver;

2, accept the operator’s own business outsourcing, big natural to allow operators to take, but it can also from the operator’s teeth take scraps.

secondly, the mode of operation, the SP’s life in the hands of the operator pinch.

1, first access. You have SP business performance, also has a "promising" business projects, but they do not give you access to the operators? Table, see your project can be under the table for the benefit of operators, and it depends on the relationship and not in place. The relationship between the place, give you access does not say, can let the staff help business promotion, business volume that is rushing up ah. Relationship is not in place, so that even the threshold can not enter, they do not take you to play.

2, followed by billing. All revenues SP are withholding by the operator, then we divided into. Since the nature, both sides should regularly check. I do not know how you are, anyway, on my own experience, the account can be on the occasion, the account is not on the natural. Not only can the buttocks determine the head, but also

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