Suning supermarket can open O2O bottleneck


April 2nd, "Suning supermarket" global supplier conference high-profile curtain. After half a month (April 18th), Suning supermarket officially landed in Chengdu. Chen Jinfeng, executive vice president of Suning supermarket at the helm of Lao Wan Su ningyun chain development headquarters (Wan Mingzhi) full scene, visible on the importance of Suning supermarket.

According to the location of

Lao Wan introduced in supplier conference of Suning supermarket in catering, imported goods, seasonal fresh fashion category, the pan 90 is the main target population. So, Suning supermarket Chengdu shop reflects the basic positioning.

Chengdu Suning supermarket area from the point of view, it is now the area of Suning supermarket store in one of the largest business area of about 5000 square meters. The main category in 15000, covering fresh, frozen, health food, leisure food, drinks, seasoning, daily life, Home Furnishing Clean Makeup protecting and many other categories, basically reach a comprehensive supermarket scale.

is different from the traditional supermarket format, Suning supermarket positioning is the Internet supermarket. That is to say, relying on the advantages of Tesco platform, customers can choose goods, online shopping payment whenever and wherever possible, but also to the next line store experience, try to drink to eat. Unlike other supermarkets, Suning stores in Chengdu stores also support online orders, online payment, delivery and other services to the home.

The day of the opening of

hot scene fat cat is not here to repeat, the fat cats want to talk about is whether Suning supermarket can open the bottleneck problem of online and offline O2O.

to Suning supermarket as an example, the Internet supermarket, including online platform, offline stores two channels, online platform is mainly based on, the line is in the main store, Suning Plaza micro square shop and service station, using the "entity + virtual" mode. The supermarket entity does not mean "hoarding", "virtual" is displayed through various means, let consumers see sliding fingers, the introduction of commercial goods, real map on the screen, and even virtual wearing effects. Not only is the physical store, the computer side, cell phone, TV, etc. will become Suning supermarket entrance.

believe that we all know, electricity supplier O2O three key points is the mobile payment, user experience and traffic conversion rate. For Suning supermarket, online as a support line under Suning Plaza, Tesco service station as the foundation, can be achieved online orders, the line store delivery, compared to other electricity providers only online and offline lack of practical problems, Suning supermarket can be said in the integration of online and offline stores on the platform there is no obstacle. The ideal state of Suning supermarket, one can use big data line, grasp the area distribution, age structure, consumption habits and geographical features, to carry out precision marketing; on the other hand, the store can also be with the delivery point of Suning line experience, enhance the user experience while further to promote online marketing, to create a line across the board.

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