Shenzhen will go to sea with cross border electricity supplier Besteck field visit

lives in front of more than struggling, as well as poetry and distance


to do more than just pull the car, but also look up the road!


(far away, we see as we walk)

So, mierkat decided to set out, with members go out to see


you with the heart of learning, mierkat with you! Go


August 3rd, we will gather in Shenzhen Nanshan,

into the Amazon big seller – Pepsi Thai headquarters.


(industry model, learn from you)

in the place of this legend,

created a number of amazing amazing industry record:

2015 Amazon platform sales total over 200 million,

net profit over 20 million,

an ordinary traditional factory successfully became the new three board listed companies,

become a factory through cross-border electricity supplier to create a global brand model.

let’s go into it, feel it,

field trips, on-site exchange

and Pepsi Thai Xu total, line operator zero distance communication.

"Amazon sellers borrowing" Legend of the secret.

in the cross-border tuyere, we can learn from, imitation forward,

or stand on the shoulders of giants, turn overtaking,


cross-border road such as water three thousand,

we Gexianshentong, just take a cup of ~

Pepsi today’s brilliant record, perhaps your tomorrow!


(bright future, will come)

because this activity is only open to members of mierkat,

if you are looking for quickly mierkat mierkat member,


if you are not a member, hurry up to be our member!

the quota is limited, only 10, first come first served!

stamp below the two-dimensional code, there are questions to find her right!


if she doesn’t mind, stop her on the way to school!

I think mierkat can only help you here!

sea, very concerned about the value of cross-border cross-border new media

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