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in the closing of the "ICANN" (ICANN) in Paris in 2008, the ICANN Council unanimously adopted a resolution of important, allows the use of other languages including Chinese as Internet top-level domain character. So far, the Chinese national code "China" will be officially opened. Since the beginning of 2009, the global Chinese Internet, through direct input Chinese domain name suffix "in the browser address bar. Chinese, you can access to the web site on the Internet, Internet users do not have to install any plugin.

message two:

traditional Chinese will be written into the global root domain name system

in the ICANN Chinese experts said, "China." traditional and simplified ". China" at the same time into the global root domain name system, is the global Chinese ambition, it not only effectively safeguard the unity of the global root domain name system in the field of China sovereignty and image, but also effectively through the Internet to the global Chinese Internet users around the world to connect up.

recently, the domain name registration site in the publicity of Chinese domain benefits and promotion, a time domain with so many hobbies puzzled, familiar all know to register a domain name on the Chinese equal to 4 Chinese domain, because.Cn and China are the same, plus the two news simplified traditional, so you have 4 to register a. For example: small investment. China small investment.Cn small investment. Chinese small investment.Cn the 4 domain name is a matter of fact, the 4 names are pointing in the same site, according to the news that two, accessibility now can achieve the global internet. In the future, the global Chinese language habits in the browser address bar enter the complex, simplified Chinese domain names, can achieve equivalent access. For China, the registered companies, due to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas Chinese Internet users are using the traditional Chinese system and input method, which will add tens of millions of. The move will increase the Chinese domain user groups and the activity of the Internet community concerned! Chinese said, "China." traditional and simplified ". China" at the same time into the global root domain name system, to ensure the integrity of enterprise Chinese network brand, but also greatly expanded the scope of use of the domain name Chinese, will make China become the international domain name generic domain name.

in the end how the Chinese domain name value is not worth us to continue to invest a lot of speculation? We all know that in the prior to the invention of the computer for us seems to be very close, but very far, reason is that people learn computer is English invention, of course, the language has become our biggest obstacle in the field of computer, after all, is English letter form is the computer’s "mother tongue", it is not. The truth can be broken.

the quality of a web site, can have a good development and domain name good or not, I think there is no absolute relationship. But again, a good domain name is half the success of the site, the other

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