Making shoes footwear B2C accumulate steadily or will usher in the Three Kingdoms


in June, in some domestic electric media websites there has been a lot of speculation or comment on the shoe B2C final pattern trend analysis, have good match between buy and watch music amoy. In April 29th this year, to better reflect the development status of Chinese vertical footwear B2C this emerging online shopping market, iResearch released in March 2011 China vertical B2C footwear website access list, the list from the "daily coverage" and "monthly visits" two indicators of footwear B2C website ranking, such as shown below:

note: Ai Rui announced footwear B2C by the monthly total number of visits ranking

from the top view the list of data, music Amoy and good music to buy and making shoes are ranked third in a certain distance, but to the surprise, compared to good music to buy and Le Amoy, making shoes is in no substantial advertising case make achievements. According to the long-term tracking footwear B2C market survey found that: the performance of the whole platform shoe B2C accounts for only about 1% of the market, with the current market size comparison is far from the formation of monopoly, the platform is also very easy to catch up in a short period of time.

is engaged in the electronic commerce work 8 years analyst Michael believes that B2C footwear is an emerging market, is the third segments after clothing, 3C appliances, fierce competition, coupled with the molding time is short, good music to buy 07 years 08 months was taken in October the same year the shoe line, Le Amoy 08 years 05 months, veoshoesshoes in December 08, but three or four years only, now occupied by the market is too small, not forming pattern.

I want to talk about this chapter from the outside of the enterprise, to talk about their own point of view, if inappropriate, please correct me.

look at

from the operating model

good music to buy mainly based on independent procurement, a large number of funds to do a lot of inventory management, liquidity caused considerable pressure on enterprises. But the model also has advantages, you can get the lowest price in the purchase channel, it is very suitable for the operation of the footwear industry with low price oriented e-commerce. Autonomous Control in the shipment, more flexible and fast, enhance the user experience.

Le Amoy real library consignment model implementation, reduce enterprise for early commodity procurement funding pressure, can have more cash flow to do promotion and service, enhance customer service level; disadvantages: high cost, brand supplier resource restrictions, especially the new new online update, it is difficult to meet the market demand change rapidly.

Dual mode independent purchase + real library consignment

making shoes out, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of operation mode, control of the enterprise funds and commodity prices and update more targeted, more in line with the operation law of whole shoe B2C. Footwear enterprises in terms of cooperation brands, but also more than a choice of direction.

personal comment: in fact, the model itself is not right and wrong, each mode >

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