Taobao com red shop more than Yan high value Artists are using robots

This year’s

shop in red double 11 properly due to grab the limelight, reported that in the double 11 day, Taobao’s turnover in TOP10, there are 8 seats are red; I like the wardrobe, ANNA IT IS AMAZING, single day sales money Mrs. Sydney custom shop were red net billion.

but you think is the red shop on the net Yan? Of course not, regardless of product design, supply chain team, reaction speed, operation tips of these shops are outsiders commendable. The billion state power network learned in the art shop red net technology has also been walking in the front of the industry.


(double 11 Taobao women’s sales ranking, there are 8 seats is net red)

it is understood that the domestic electricity supplier service robot "deep drawing art" days ago released a set of data, data show that 5 enterprises in the cooperation of the double 11 day sales exceeded one hundred million yuan. It is worth noting that, in the deep drawing of the cooperative business list, the reputation outside of the red net shop money Mrs. Sydney customization, MG baby.

this means that the shop operators only need to put the goods and pictures uploaded to the graphic package parameters of robot system background, you can wait for the automatic typesetting system, cutting, shelves, and distribution to each business platform. Compared to manual layout, design, shelves, can save a lot of time.

deep drawing of the relevant person in charge to billion state power network, MG baby from January this year officially use the system to achieve autonomy, advance the new number of August to achieve annual plan, half on the new time. As of October this year, the elephant MG robot system generated 6000 art product details page.


(Intelligent art robot background: upload product parameters and pictures, can be automatically typeset)

money lady Sydney customization is from August of this year before the official start of the art of intelligent planning, system training was completed in September 11 stores, 11 stores in October to fully realize the independent new, double 11 is on the art of robot system for the first time to review.

however, according billion state power network is understood by trying new art robot more than the red net shop, Eve Li, GXG, starry, Hui Mei Group (Yan man company), Liebo other clothing brand is also trying to use this new technology in different degrees.

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