Analysis jumei com’s bad mood will continue to do

for their endorsement of the United States is clearly a problem encountered. Since the listing, the United States and the United States together to worry about. Whether it is product quality, or brand selling fake goods, the United States in under under the watchful eyes of the people again and again through the test of the market. If the market for the United States still have the patience, but consumers? When the United States frequently broke the quality problem, everyone in the single occasion can also like before no scruples? The beauty industry itself is a sensitive and complex field, to do so before the sail with the wind. This is a great relationship and its advocacy of the concept of quality first. But now the problem has undergone a qualitative change, waiting for the test of the United States continues.

A miniature

course recently is not smooth but the United States long-term development of the road, looking at the current beauty market, resources and channels all quite intense, even with huge resources giant inevitably in this competition problems. United States as a young business, in addition to the recent series of troubles, in fact, the face of the problem is more than these.

let implicated the profit is insufficient. The first big trouble for is from its profit model, due to the vertical business model, so will reduce the cost of many intermediate links in the operation, and reduce the cost of a part of the profit to the consumer, while the other part is made into infrastructure, cosmetics although profit margins, after but the vertical business model, price will be compressed, in return for consumer purchase, although the electricity company’s operating expenses is not high, but the platform, advertising spending, logistics and other aspects are in need of money, and compression to single product profit was less than the other shop entities, plus itself need to grow, profit is selected to develop infrastructure providers, which aspects of the problem which leads to the lack of development of profits The reasons for the slow, the trouble will also be accompanied by for a long time, and the reason will be mentioned below.

mode is similar, easy to copy led to fierce competition.’s vertical business model is very easy to copy, to supply providers is expected this electricity supplier to solve their own problems, then start perhaps can rely on the advantage of large profits but can become an independent school, because of the mode of reproduction, the bright younger generation for operating costs, expenses at the beginning and less so in time but more suppliers to negotiate the advantage, market competition will become more intense, at the same time, large electricity supplier industry such as Tmall, Amazon and other Jingdong want to copy this model is more simple, with adequate supply of their ability to obtain more resources, facing the pressure of competition from, even no respite, coupled with the lack of profit, this double trouble to make the enterprise itself, development is more difficult.

complete and miscellaneous but not specialized to allow the United States very melancholy. Although electricity supplier, but is now in the development of multi line, the Sohu and other mainstream media advertising can be seen its competitors have.

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