New deal prescription drugs single pharmacy network sales will open new year’s Day

, former chairman of Longyan deshengtang, revealed to billion state power network, on 1 January 2015, the State Food and Drug Administration will be issued two important policies: first, the state will open online sales of prescription drugs; second, single line pharmacies can also shop online sales.


online sales of open prescription drugs means that the pharmaceutical electricity supplier will officially start on track. According to the development direction of the future pharmaceutical business policy issued, billion state power network and the Longyan of communication.

It is reported that

, deshengtang pharmacy chain pharmaceutical brand Gansu deshengtang large pharmacy chain Co. Ltd established, professional engaged in pharmaceutical wholesale and retail and health services across the region, the modernization of pharmaceutical chain enterprises. Deshengtang overall sales of nearly 800 million yuan, ranking twentieth in 2013 China pharmaceutical chain enterprises, more than 2000 employees. According to official sources, deshengtang service providers in the Tmall Medical Museum belongs to the TOP10 business, Tmall sales in the first category of blood glucose, its own brand in Tmall pharmaceutical category TOP50.

Another identity

is the president of China deshengtang chairman of the Longyan Association of medical supplies business branch.

billion state power network: now is the traditional pharmaceutical business of pharmaceutical retail impact and the impact of


Longyan: no matter from the sales of our deshengtang online and offline, or from the industry point of view, now is not the traditional pharmaceutical business of pharmaceutical retail impact.

Last year,

pharmaceutical business sales volume of 4 billion or so, the entire industry in the proportion is still very small, this year is expected to reach 6 billion of pharmaceutical business sales scale to 8 billion, but it will not cause too much impact on the retail line.

but the future of pharmaceutical electricity providers will have a huge impact on the industry as a whole. Especially after the promulgation of these two policies in 2015, the pharmaceutical electricity supplier will be rapid development, the pharmaceutical industry may also reshuffle.


billion state power network: open prescription drug sales, which will bring influence to the traditional pharmaceutical retail and pharmaceutical business? Deshengtang as traditional chain pharmacies will be how to deal with


Longyan: open prescription drug sales are good news, but also will bring fierce competition. After the online sale of prescription drugs, online pharmacies will attract a lot of traffic, driving the sale of various types of online pharmacies.

prescription drugs into the line, the price of drugs and other information will be very transparent, the profits of traditional pharmacies may be affected. However, pharmaceutical manufacturers will be online and offline price maintenance. And in the long run, the widening of online sales channels, is conducive to the sustainable development of traditional pharmacies.

deshengtang now attaches great importance to business, I personally led the team management business. Deshengtang not only sold in each business platform, but also in their efforts to develop their own official website, search for self.

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