Thinking about why the electricity supplier War every guest can stay

since the birth of the electricity supplier industry and the site is not very peaceful. Following the after-sales service, express speed, the user experience has become the focus of attention, the price war once again boarded the stage of history. 6.18, an ordinary day, but because of the Jingdong mall set off the war and become no longer ordinary. Electricity supplier price war kicked off, the electricity supplier industry has once again entered the chaos of governance". However, there are always wonderful performance in the field of electricity providers where the customer is not involved in this battle. The appearance is often hidden behind the real essence, behind the electricity supplier war, can not help but ponder: why can we stay out of

?Where the customer is not

unique mode of enterprise


is now very particular about the business model of the Internet, electricity providers are more so. Where the customer is rooted in the Internet, there is a clothing brand leader in. IResearch report shows that VANCL has been among the income scale online B2C Chinese four. And in its own clothing brand sales, ranking first in the country. Where the business model has repeatedly been mentioned in the industry. In fact, we clearly pointed out in the beginning of creation, the goal is to create the Internet FMCG brands, rather than fast sales platform.

thus, where the customer from the start is not a platform for enterprises. We do not only brand platform, added a lot of favorable conditions for the. First of all, the convenience of the network platform to help customers who greatly reduced the traditional store costs, and these savings can be truly consumer feedback, allowing consumers to enjoy high quality and inexpensive products. Secondly, the customer through marketing means and methods of clever, enhance customer brand loyalty, brand once popular, is just a matter of time increased sales. Finally, where the price compared to the traditional physical stores, mostly 50% cheaper, even more, small profits can help enterprises in the shortest period of time, the rapid expansion of market share. Thus, the brand is more important than the platform.

own brand and product gross margin is expected to reach 40%

for electricity supplier companies, there is a concern of the index, which is the gross profit margin. In simple terms, gross profit margin is the percentage of gross profit and sales revenue (or operating income), which is the difference between the income and revenue and operating costs. There are many factors that affect the gross profit margin, such as the degree of market competition, the marketing means and the purpose of the enterprise, the cost of the R & D investment, the brand effect, etc.. Generally speaking, the gross profit margin is one of the major electricity supplier companies to pursue one of the index values. For example, the United States famous electricity supplier website Amazon, its gross margin remained at around 20%.

for the fierce competition in the domestic market, Jingdong, Suning and other main home appliances and 3C products, these products gross profit margin is not high; and the starting point is Dangdang books, because of the overall low price of books, so although Dangdang do for a long time, but the actual gross margin is not high. Clothing electric

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