Another Unicorn or disappear this wonderful electricity supplier Jet

Abstract: U.S. media latest news: WAL-MART and Jet are trying to complete the transaction as early as Monday. In other words, if there is no accident, the two sides will determine the trading hours in the first few hours (China time tonight), the purchase price is $3 billion.

a few months ago, I wrote: as long as the capital chain continues, wonderful electricity supplier Jet are likely to get rid of a lot of Amazon users, at least you can do double parallel. However, the capital chain problem intensified in the United States, the two day of the U.S. venture capital circle Crazy: WAL-MART is negotiating with the acquisition of Jet. I know the valuation of Jet in the last round of financing in the 13-15 billion U.S. dollars, is not clear WAL-MART bid geometry.

Jet is the history of science and technology in recent years, the most ambitious electricity supplier company mission is to "kill the Amazon", with its founder Marc Lore has a well qualified endorsement (successfully operating Diapers parent company Quidsi, which in 2010 to sell $550 million, Amazon) Jet not on the line before the financing round, to B the valuation to $600 million.


America’s fastest growing Unicorn Jet

in addition to its financing 565 million, to the end of the year, unicorn, when Fidelity voted for the 350 million. After entering the top institutions include: Accel, Bain Capital, New Enterprise Associates, Goldman; and China horse Dad (see our last March reported "Ali has secret wonderful investment business Jet?").

Shortly after

, Jet shareholders of Alibaba

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in view of Jet’s lofty goals and wonderful mode, many domestic readers should have seen it advance publicity news reports. Here, I’m just saying that I was using it in the United States last August when it was officially launched.

fair to say, Jet has a good product. I once wrote "Jet has been successfully turn over, see Amazon" mobile App, easy to use, Jet win over App and Amazon electricity supplier; I really abducted past, because it broke the Amazon "fee $99 Prime Fee, which is business model innovation: in the United States, the logistics industry feel like China, mainstream users 2 days of arrival + free shipping experience price (such as Amazon) must pay an annual fee; and Jet on most of what support 2 days of arrival; free.

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