On the online store user experience Home Edition

recently made a liquor store (wine Chau network), has been studying the user experience. How to improve the user experience. For online shopping, the user experience can always affect the quality of sales.

first from the home page UI talk about it. UI User Interface (user interface) for short. Your user interface is your face. From the user into the mall, browse the product, select the goods, purchase, billing, user center, user experience. Every detail is crucial.

customers into the mall, the first face is the home page. Home is the first face of the mall. So how should the home page to optimize the user experience I think the first thing is to meet the needs of users from the visual up. From the layout, product display and advertising presentation is determined the user experience quality key. According to the layout of the mall to arrange the layout of the home page. If it is not a design background, do not know how to design layout. You can refer to the same mall leader. Comprehensive shopping mall reference Jingdong, clothing can refer to the customer. Although not completely imitate, but you can learn the merits of. Home face to attract customers, retain customers on the success of the half. Home proposal concise, generous, attractive. Avoid chaos. Home navigation, classification navigation, flagship product, promotional advertising, related information, customer service system.

Header. customers browse the first screen is certainly the site’s header, which is the head. The head is generally composed of the main navigation bar, head advertising, head information. The first screen is critical, the first screen of the content can be retained to determine whether the customer to continue browsing, the main navigation bar to store the most important point of the framework. To be able to summarize the entire mall about composition and framework. Head ads must be attractive, regardless of the top of the page ad or the middle of the FLASH ad. Highlight the focus of the mall is the most important advertising. For example, promotion, integration, hot products, is the flagship store, the biggest selling point reflected here.

Body. Here second screen and third screen. That is the main home of the mall. Here should be the main framework of the mall is a commodity structure. Navigation is generally classified (some like to do the classification navigation navigation). Then the promotion of goods, the main push commodity category, the main body of advertising.

classification navigation how to put, what form to put on what position also need to study. Because classification navigation is to give the customer a guiding role. Should be placed in a conspicuous position where the customer sees it. It is convenient for the customer to find the navigation so as to select the category to browse. But it can not account for too large layout, if the entire screen is no data classification navigation data, one is too wasteful layout, the two is a waste of space for customers to browse. In accordance with the habit of people quickly browse the web, with the mouse in the middle of the roller down the page, generally no more than three times rolling. That is, the three screen space, a home page can not attract customers in the contents of the screen of the three

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