Taobao exclusive domestic e commerce market share of 70%

for six years, Taobao has become the follower from eBay China largest retail trading platform, four it was successful changing consumption and employment patterns, affect the legal and cultural circles, has become an important reference to domestic

e-commerce development

– Zhongyanbofeng Jinfeng

according to the latest public data, on that day in October 9, 2009 sales reached 626 million yuan; compared with the same data, in 2008 the total sales volume of Hongkong commodity 27 billion 700 million yuan, the average daily sales of 644 million yuan. This comparison can be seen, Taobao’s sales have been comparable with the International Commodity Center – Hongkong.

four experience of Taobao’s first C2C platform in China

currently, similar to Taobao’s C2C platform site, including Taobao, eBay and pat, the market share of the three platforms accounted for nearly 90%, which accounted for a proportion of Taobao is close to 70%. The reasons for Taobao’s position in today’s market can be summed up in the following four points:

(1) industry pre bedding

Taobao is not a pioneer in the field of e-commerce in china. We can see that the domestic e-commerce market from 2000 began, 8848, Dangdang, excellence, eBay and other market leader through its own unremitting efforts, has developed the first generation of Internet users to accept Internet shopping, this has brought two major foundation for on-line operations: Taobao customer base and as a member of the business platform.

(2) free king

When Taobao launched

, the first problem to be solved is to enrich the self platform, in order to attract customers, then directly to the seller on eBay to attract self platform, is undoubtedly a quick and easy way, so Ma announced that does not charge any fees within three years. At the same time, Taobao can rely on Alibaba for its blood transfusion to support its normal development. Under the banner of free, eBay sellers quickly lost. At the same time, free also makes many Internet users have opened accounts to entertain the mentality of the sale of goods or buy goods, making Taobao’s platform, such as snowball growth.

(3) long tail effect

represented by the Taobao C2C platform platform for every single store owner, even 1/1000 of the customer’s needs, but also a huge market space. Therefore, in order to avoid the front were removed from the long tail and unknown to the public, shopkeepers have extended to the back end, and strive to become the market segments only, the diversification of the merchandise they sell, is also to meet the diverse needs of customers. While Taobao’s search function ensures a wide range of supply and diversification needs to crack the gap between.

(4) supporting industry development

as a member of the field of e-commerce, Taobao needs to "three streams" of support, that is, information flow, >

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