Discussion on the development prospect and problems of B2C E commerce

1: the arrival of the Internet era, the promotion of the development of e-commerce

in the past few years, Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay, Baidu, Dangdang as a forerunner of the era for the development of electronic commerce has laid the foundation, but also cultivate the B2C market. Alibaba in Hongkong on a high-profile market, the most strong colors for the 2007 China Internet world Tu, announced a new era of "Internet era".

In the

era of development, advances in technology, network information becomes more and more perfect in the development of e-commerce, more can be said in the Chinese budding thrive, Alibaba broke out, the rise of Taobao, the birth of HC, the rapid development of the Jingdong store, VANCL and some other e-commerce websites, this era not only brings is the catalytic role of e-commerce, but also bring is to create more value for the more people, the society will give feedback to his greatest value. Promote the further development of society.

however, with the development of economy and the development of e-commerce in China is developing forward, light some C2C platform is unable to meet the requirements of some enterprises and the development of. What they need is to have their own brands to promote their products. This time B2C will gradually move toward the stage of the new century, such as Jingdong, where the customer, the 1st shop, red child some excellent B2C website, they are just in the past few years, the historical changes, make it an example for China B2C industry, what impressed me most is the number one shop online supermarket, they realize that the profit in a short period of 1 years, in general the same industry, it is difficult to do, like Dangdang, some excellent they do website, I think we should all know.

two: e-commerce B2C online sales, e-commerce and traditional industries combined with promising future.

domestic B2C online sales, e-commerce market has just started, from both the width and depth have not reached a certain level, success and shortcomings of the PPG online sales mode of B2C are focused on the attention of people. In contrast, vertical B2C for a broader market has more space.

e-commerce retail industry in the middle price compared to save many links, directly from the manufacturers, but by the traditional zero face is not only a level of agents of high profits, and the face of the high and the appearance of the cost and so on some, these are unable to compare and e-commerce. Online transactions also save a lot of money.

everything has a certain law, there is progress in the competition will, development and traditional e-commerce business with zero competition will be worth looking forward to, but they are not in conflict with each other in business, bring better competitive products and services is the more favorable people. At this time who can create value for society, who can dominate everything.


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