Logistics losing money earned crying hard to grab business


side of the promotion war fight to expand the front side of the market spell logistics industry believes

Jingdong 618 million yuan cash coupon, Tmall (micro-blog) in the red envelopes of $6, Dangdang’s $1 in the corner of 8 minutes to buy…… Last week, the electricity supplier war staged "shopping". In the fight to fight the market price, another way of logistics has become the electricity supplier "shopping". Yesterday, the State Post Bureau to disclose the first batch of enterprises through the 2012 annual report of the courier business license audit list, the domestic electricity supplier Jingdong mall’s courier company list. Some analysts believe that with the development of the domestic online shopping industry, logistics has become the electricity supplier to obtain the "key market war", but the logistics is also very difficult to snatch courier business, its purpose is to provide consumers with personalized service, drive sales.

text / reporter Duan Yu

spell promotion: data has a false price is not the lowest

this year, the domestic electricity supplier seems to prefer to use a variety of reasons for a variety of promotions. The electricity supplier promotional war to reach a climax in June 18th, the day is the anniversary of the Jingdong mall, mall Jingdong announced the launch of 618 million yuan cash coupon, half price concessions such as Tmall and panic buying, and suning.com (micro-blog), dangdang.com also launched promotional activities respectively, including the Tmall 50 million cash envelopes, 6· 18 BRIC hit, and suning.com the whole net reserve price, seventy percent off to three days, and Dangdang 6 yuan 1 angle 8 flash sale and so on, the electricity supplier "war" appears There was no parallel in history. crazy.

and a number of electricity supplier after the promotion of the data and promotional prices have been questioned by the media and friends. 6· after 18 days of sales, according to data released by Jingdong, Jingdong 6· mall; 18 anniversary of the day the effective 1 million 500 thousand orders, single day turnover of 1 billion 16 million yuan, while Tmall Electric City disclosed that its sales grew by 400% on the same day; Kuba said day sales amounted to 150 million yuan; suning.com said its single second order peak million single.

but there are media reports, as Jingdong 90% orders are cash on delivery, the actual payment rate of only 80%, excluding these factors after the actual turnover is estimated at about $240 million. At the same time, according to media reports, the same day the price of some of the goods in the mall Jingdong is not as cheap as Amazon (micro-blog), so the electricity supplier promotional price was questioned by users as fudge".


, Guangdong network association secretary general Huang Zirong said that sales amount released is to business advertising effectiveness, real data difficult to know the outside world, at the same time, because the purchase channels and agreement with the supplier, the same product is also more common in different business different there, and many of the electricity supplier of promotional activities that is not the price of each item will be in the lowest. Huang Zirong >

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