Do you think you are suitable for full time Taobao

recently a lot of Taobao owner friends with me, because of time, some of the talk is not the friend please do not mind, because I also have a lot of things to do, most of my friends have asked the promotion and marketing problems. In fact, I also want to try to tell you more than their actual experience. In the future I will not try all kinds of promotion and marketing methods, and in this blog to share with you, even if they do not make money, can know so many users I also enough, do the network, the network is very important.

This article is aimed at

recently a lot of friends asked me to do full-time Taobao, in fact we all know must be full-time part-time to do good, the key is to analyze what is suitable for full-time Taobao, I did not oppose carefully friends directly do full-time Taobao, especially students, but I know some students in order to make Taobao to drop out, to tell the truth, I am the atmosphere. I was graduated from college students, university life I have experienced, the last university is not easy, not for others, at least for their parents think, actually not married friends did not understand, in fact a child up is not easy, I have to say this words qualification because I have a son, I know a child parents how much to pay.

is a full-time Taobao, my idea is this


1) what are your strengths? Don’t tell me you have enough time, especially some of the students’ friends. Time is really not an advantage or a good advantage. You think there are fewer people than you have time. At present, Taobao, the competition is very fierce, the owner often said that now is the seller more than buyers, this analogy although some exaggeration, but the fierce competition is very appropriate, so you do full-time Taobao before you think about what are the advantages of advantage than others? You are better than other places, in this era of survival of the fittest no, you really itself may disappear in the vast sea.

when I worked as a Taobao, I analyzed my strengths:

first: I have done the network promotion work for 4 years, has accumulated a wealth of network promotion experience and skills.

second: my wife is in the top 500 garment factory to do a few years of documentary, clothing styles, colors, workmanship, etc. are also very familiar with.

third: we are in Guangdong, Dongguan Province, belongs to China’s manufacturing city, we have a good supply advantage, there are a large number of garment factory stock, which is the source of advantage.

2) full-time Taobao, you give yourself over the breakdown? Why? Only know the cost budget is enough, can play a few months thanks to? You can’t get the goods can be sold for money, you will not be able to do a little stock Yahuo No. Other places I do not know, I would like to own it, the shop did not officially opened on the first part of the expenditure.

first: rent + daily necessities. This is to pay a monthly rent of 350 yuan, net of $50, daily necessities will be >

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