Alipay denies pushing the balance of treasure two generation

Beijing daily news (reporter Xiao Haiyan Su Changchun) yesterday on a Alipay five yifangda will jointly fund companies launched the balance of treasure two generation regular treasure news spread, but in response to this news, Alipay official has denied.

yesterday, media sources said, Alipay will soon and ICBC Credit Suisse, Yi Fangda and other five fund companies pushing the balance of treasure product No. two "regular treasure". In this regard, the Beijing Daily reporter called Alipay official, the person said the company currently does not have the plan, and that any Alipay products will be on the official caliber prevail.


denied on the issue of regular treasure, but does not rule out the possibility of a real regular treasure. Some industry analysts believe that, although Alipay official denied on the matter, but it may be due to open and system maintenance etc. the product is not mature, not to officially release time.

according to market sources, regular treasure short-term financial products Alipay latest build, product positioning in 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 60 days of short-term financial project. Different with the balance of treasure only bound Celestica fund a product, the Alipay will choose to cooperate with the South Fund Nadu fund, State Street fund, ICBC Credit Suisse fund and fund five fund companies. Committed to the development of an upgraded version of the balance of income treasure treasure financial products.

for the specific mode of operation, a regular treasure industry said Alipay will be from the Internet finance to targeting the mobile platform, a regular treasure will be placed on the mobile phone platform. It is worth mentioning that, given Alipay is devoted to mobile phone users free transfer deals, to attract investors. In addition, the regular treasure background will also be directly into the Ali cloud system, mainly to support the development of large customers.

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