New economic e commerce is the direction of entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship has been discussed and focused on the direction of entrepreneurship, a lot of people in the circle of e-commerce are considered to be the first choice. According to reliable sources, the end of the world has to do e-commerce, using their own advantages of media resources and the user group, intends to cooperate with the business to send an online shopping platform, and a few days ago there are news reports: Shen Jianming Alibaba and China vice president of YAHOO business, do is baby clothing e-commerce. Also in the fourth quarter, the United States famous shoe company Zappos B2C was acquired by Amazon for $280 million.

why do you want to choose the direction of e-commerce for entrepreneurship?

1 the advantages of e-commerce: no restriction of time or region: the globalization of business, can whenever and wherever possible in online trading environment; broad: businesses can face global consumers, and consumers can buy goods in the world any business; faster circulation and low price: due to the reduction of all the intermediate circulation, thereby save a lot of money. And greatly reduce the circulation of commodities and the transaction cost; to meet the requirements of the times to be able to reflect the personality of the shopping process in online shopping.

2 e-commerce development: e-commerce business model is clear, and has been proven, easy to convince investors. Taobao, Dangdang these early e-commerce sites to train users of online shopping habits. The key part of electronic commerce payment problem has been solved, Alipay, caifutong, online banking and other Internet users have been familiar with. The most important thing is that there are V5SHOP, shopex such a mature e-commerce system can be directly used to save hundreds of thousands or even millions of development costs.

3 e-commerce venture capital, entrepreneur magazine publisher Niu Wenwen teacher said at least 2 million other entrepreneurs in Beijing City, according to calculate your own consumption level. If a webmaster, e-commerce in small range, then you only need to do their own sources and channels, shopex, V5SHOP is free, the payment platform is free, individual owners to build their own website, you can in the relevant industry users gather place to do marketing.

4 entrepreneurial conditions: the most important condition is cooperation. Entrepreneurs need to cooperate, try not to go it alone, e-commerce itself is a kind of cooperation and exchange, cooperation, trade, service is an important part of the business.

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