CN site number exceeds the first COM 60% site name CN

      the number of websites in China under the CN domain name has been increased to 810 thousand, more than 60% of the sites have adopted the CN domain name, reporters yesterday from the Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) to see the twentieth Internet Statistics report released on the website for the first time exceeded the number of CN domain name domain name COM.

reporter yesterday from the Chinese Internet Network Information Center to understand, only half a year, the number of CN using the domain name of the site grew by 440 thousand over the past 10 years, the total number of CN domain sites, compared with the same period last year, the growth rate is as high as 130%. CN domain name this year to break through the critical point, beyond the COM domain name, becoming the mainstream of the current domestic web site.

in addition, the past year has many websites "defection", give up to enable the CN COM domain name domain name, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics official website (, Amazon ( and other well-known enterprises; a large number of multinational companies such as WAL-MART (, NOKIA ( have also opened the CN domain name, the implementation of the localization strategy; even many ordinary users of small personal websites, forums and blogs have changed or enabled CN domain; batch network shop began to bid farewell to the lengthy online address for short and easy to remember and identify the brand CN domain name.

, assistant director of China Internet Network Information Center Liu Zhijiang pointed out that the CN domain name from the potential of its various advantages, including China identity, obviously stable and fast access performance, good registration and protection of the rights and interests of 7× 24 hours of barrier free services and many other advantages. In addition, because this year the CN domain name also achieved 1 yuan experience, no threshold for registration that never touch the CN domain network, users began to use.

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