Dry cargo Amazon drainage station combat 7 steps

With the popularity of cross-border electricity supplier

, more and more people and companies choose to open stores in China to expand their electricity supplier business. However, when all goods shelves, immediately faced with one of the largest electricity supplier of all difficulties: how to bring more traffic to their Amazon store? More sales? In a word, Wu Jiayang will be through the whole combat demonstration way, to show how in a short time through the station drainage to improve your Amazon store traffic.

the first step: in the Amazon shelves of your goods.

this step is the most basic, if you do not even have the goods on the Amazon, it really can not go on. I believe this step is very easy for those who are familiar with the operation of the Amazon, here is no longer say.


second step: professional Review station drainage.

when you are finished with list on Amazon, you can start working outside the station. Wu Jiayang recommends starting with a professional Review station to start drainage. The reason is that the site traffic is very large, but also very high conversion. Also use the above screenshot of the product as an example, if you sell the camera equipment, you can follow the following steps:

1 professional Review writing website to find professional writers to write a few articles or your main product for your Review. Of course, if your company has its own editor that is better, but if you need to outsource to find someone to write words, Wu Jiayang recommended: iwriter.comIwriter.com is a specialized online content writing outsourcing website, I have spent nearly 4 years, generally do not tell others. In iwriter.com you can spend less price (usually less than 10 knives) to buy a SEO of 500 words of a very good review. A word of caution, you must put on with the requirements of review writing in detail, which is more conducive to the writers to write what you want to review.


2.Review is completed, you need to put the depth of review released to the authority of the review sites, remember to bring your corresponding Amazon merchandise page link! If you do photography, photography or related equipment that http://s.www.dpreview.com/ is the best review release station. Dpreview is the United States is the largest and most authoritative camera equipment off the review site, the world ranked 1140, the United States ranked 943, UV traffic per day more than 1 million. If your review can be released above, you can imagine how much traffic can be obtained. In addition, it must be said that dprevie>

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