Google where is the next ten years of cross border electricity supplier

September 19th, the 2015 session of the Fifth China cross-border electricity supplier conference and Trade Fair held in Guangzhou on the 5 anniversary. Huang Xiulan, general manager of Google export business to attend and share with the guests on the interpretation of the future trend of cross-border electricity supplier Google. She mentioned that market insight, data analysis, marketing strategy will play an increasingly important role in the future competition in the field of cross-border electricity supplier.


10 years ago in 2005, China’s foreign trade electricity supplier is an important category – the rise of the wedding quietly. In the famous Huqiu wedding street, tens of dollars to one hundred or two hundred can buy quite a good wedding, a wedding price market in Europe and the United States at least $sanwubo. The huge price difference contributed to a large number of enterprises through the network will be sold to overseas wedding, won the first gold of the foreign trade business.

ten years, the Internet has become an important driving force for the development of cross-border electricity supplier. Google as a global pioneer in the Internet industry, to provide cutting-edge digital marketing concept and a full range of digital marketing solutions and services for China enterprises, help enterprises Chinese precise positioning of the international market, and promote the overall growth of cross-border electricity China.

global and "import and export" related searches, Chinese topped

over the past ten years, the cross-border electricity supplier has gradually become a small workshop to start a small business began to move closer to the capital market. Lanting Pavilion set up in 2007, the New York Stock Exchange in 2013. In 2014, one hundred round pants industry 1 billion yuan acquisition of global cross-border electricity supplier Tesco, later renamed cross-border links, the market value is close to 20 billion.


from 07 years to date, on the Google and import and export related search, China’s most attention. This reflects the world’s attention to the import and export of a country. In the past few years, "China" has clearly formed a rising curve. It is about eight times as high as the United States in the second place.

the next ten years, cross-border electricity supplier road where?

through the analysis of the data, Google put forward the next ten years, the trend of cross-border electricity supplier and changes, and some of which are taking place in.

trend 1: from selling to "everyone" to "some people"

from selling to "everyone" to "some people", that is, positioning changes. In the years before the rise of cross-border e-commerce, the price difference between home and abroad is the only signal to choose goods. The period of the site to site design from sells goods to seasonal promotion, are surprisingly consistent. A website is a collection of all the basic selling merchandise, wedding accessories, mobile phone, tap, strange together. The time to sell to everyone is gone.

now cross-border electricity supplier has entered a fine, vertical competition era

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