On the differentiation competition of third party shopping guide platform

can be seen, with the continued rise of online shopping, the major B2C e-commerce showed a trend of prosperity, the rapid development of many third party shopping guide platform, and gradually by the user’s favorite. These sites have a common return rebate rebate concept, is to promote the business commission part returned to the member of the website, the merchants and users both sides benefit, build a bridge between the two.

today, I mainly from the user’s point of view to talk about the three party shopping platform how to deal with differentiated competition:

(1) for the first batch of users

for the first batch of users to do is to promote. Three third party shopping guide platform I am familiar with it: 51, 51 rebate, return the net purchase ratio. A while ago, the return of net and 51 to purchase focus on the promotion of Baidu platform, placed ads on Baidu news page, and on the 51 rebate focuses on medium and small website advertising. No matter what type of advertising, for users to use the concept of third party shopping guide to expand the brand awareness. Very interesting is its focus is the same, are on the increase site exposure, let the user know the shopping guide platform, so that every user can surf the Internet to see offers information goods.

rise in the third party shopping guide platform, many people are holding a try attitude. For the first time, the success of the site to allow users to hold this group of users to try. Site competition has quietly started, we know that can affect First impressions are strongest in user habits, users with other sites will not produce contrast habits, mentality. The website is very easy to achieve successful rebate of users, even at a loss or to let the user know the user profit, because they are used for the first time, it is difficult for the other.


key user adhesion

if you look at my three websites listed on the first page, you will find the whole layout of web page is not far away, the commodity channels subdivision also has not so bad, like Tmall, Jingdong, a shop and other large businesses settled.

how to achieve competitive differentiation these sites can only work on the line of business, to attract more businesses to provide more complete varieties of goods, preferential return amount, quality shopping services. When it comes to concessions, it is not difficult to understand the user’s attitude towards profit. It has also become an effective means to encourage users to give up the other platform website. Most of the time, to give up a platform needs to take advantage of the impact of the impact of the user’s substantive drive. While the quality of service is beneficial to the adhesion was attracted to the user. If consumers encounter sales problems, can get a quick solution to the platform. This kind of quality service can make loyal users to develop, more stable to improve the site traffic.

therefore, the third party shopping guide platform to differentiated competition gradually recognized the need to start from the first batch of snatch tourists, the use of preferential information and service quality difference to attract new customers and old customers to consolidate. It is to attract customers, quality of service and concessions

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