B2B vertical industry website to find the time to change

for most industry sites, 2006 is more like a metamorphosis year". In this year, some people are busy doing the new B2B, some people are busy preparing for the listing, some people are busy M & a site, some people are busy with the site mergers and acquisitions. In the Alibaba for the software, wildly beating gongs and drums from "lightning marriage" and global resources, China manufacturing network launched "certified suppliers" new services at the same time, there are some more general development trend of vertical industry websites are quietly brewing……

alliance has become a new trend

2006 in the industry’s most eye-catching events, than the rise of the industry website alliance. As early as in April, China Chemical Network to start their own leading business treasure; and then is the bee network launched a "group selection theory" based on the overall quality of TQS procurement system. In China Chemical Network CEO Sun Deliang seems, business treasure is an important step to achieve his ideal network procurement stage. As a member of the alliance, China cosmetics network (formerly Chinese Chemical Network) general manager of Bian Hua said, the main purpose of this alliance is not the increase of transaction volume, which is mainly to give you a chance to learn from each other.

but in the eyes of many industry sites, this industry is not optimistic about the form of the site alliance. China Machinery Network Manager Cheng Suhua made it clear that this alliance is only a superficial surface cooperation, and there is no real meaning, the Chinese building materials network CEO Mao Jicheng also expressed their approval of this view. "Industry website business no profits to be made, in the first few years, not much competition may make money is relatively easy, but now with more, want to improve a grade is very difficult, not easy to join a union can be realized." My steel net CEO Zhu Junhong said.

due to the effect of the current industry website alliance development is not obvious, many industry websites have maintained a wait-and-see attitude: "now with some of the sites in the talks, but has not yet decided whether to cooperate, may look at the situation, if the future development of good if we can consider joining the." Therefore, the industry website alliance can become the mainstream of the future development of the B2B industry is hard to say, but there are some industries responsible for the proposed site of cross shareholding alliance idea, although it was only a guess, but for the current profit model of chaotic B2B domain, maybe it’s worth a try.


come in a throng of intruders

news network Chinese recently announced B2B officially enter the field of Chinese launch platform providers; the Ministry of Commerce jointly launched a joint group Hualian Hualian procurement super B2B online trading platform; Chinese first in the U.S. NASDAQ listed software enterprise launched NINETOWNS Tootoo, trying to subvert the existing pattern of high-quality positioning ali…… For the past monotonous and dull B2B areas, these new blood injection will undoubtedly bring new vitality. After all, after a few years ago, 2>

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