Comment Amoy network Alipay unified business weapons

The original model of

Alibaba’s shopping platform is + Alipay, Alipay in the early also basically only for Taobao internal transaction, walk in this mode for many years, so many years, has been in a dominant position in the "martial arts", Taobao online shopping and almost equate this. The pattern has been to,, but at the time the B2C website Taobao is not in the eyes, until the emergence of more and more B2C website, especially the real prosperity of the mall to the Jingdong, Taobao market share has been a blow and a shout, external B2C shake, online shopping has gradually from bargain to Amoy satisfaction Amoy, convenient, online shopping not only cheap price, more important is the quality of the products and services. to change all that needs to change, so the launched B2C platform Taobao mall, and enabled the independent domain name after the, then Taobao announced the Taobao into three, C2C bazaar, genuine B2C platform Taobao mall, and is responsible for the network shopping platform Amoy network (search, parity, mobile), while Alipay has early open access B2C platform numerous Alipay as a means of payment, under the new situation, Taobao formed a "super luxury portfolio + Taobao + Alipay + mall Amoy network", can be understood in this lineup,, combination + Taobao mall is a defense of Taobao, Taobao to market flow based on Taobao mall to hold their own B2C business. The Amoy network + Alipay really can lead the all weapons, if want to add a factor that is buyers account, is one of the weapons of Taobao series electrical business.

a Amoy network: changing consumer online shopping habits

has such a comment: "if a Amoy network success in my micro-blog, it will mean that Taobao really dominate the electricity supplier, Taobao + Taobao mall, Taobao know this is not good, outside the electricity supplier can be incorporated into the Taobao system is the real unified electricity supplier, electricity supplier will search why so much trouble, not Baidu as a keyword can result, trust issues, and existing account issues (each site must be registered, complicated, hard to remember), so a scouring will solve these 2 problems. Means that the consumer habits changed, from Amoy to find products, price, and then enter the target page on Alipay or Taobao service, online orders, to receive the product evaluation. Alipay will act as the external features of Taobao." Then there is a comment, I think it is very classic "Amoy if made the electricity supplier search, small business basic development can not flow, throat big business once a Amoy stuck, giving only than the price, to send money for a private Amoy ranking, and the beneficiaries will be both the referee and when the athletes of Taobao. The interest is not Taobao sellers, Taobao will rise, when Taobao came up with the seller Amoy no self business development, Taobao now do good sellers.

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