Jingdong mall anniversary of Tmall running a war of no smoke

June 19th morning news, originally is the anniversary of the June 18th Jingdong mall promotion, has become a rival Tmall and Jingdong mall price war, the two sides have invested heavily in the former faiths, hope to have a beautiful sales data report, the latter to delay the pace of listing.


and challenges

June 18th is the anniversary of the Jingdong, the Jingdong at this time of the year will launch large-scale promotional activities, this is the biggest news: not only in on the eve of the launch of the major television primetime anniversary advertising, the action as "the biggest discounts", in order to cope with this activity, even suspended cooperation with Jingdong all rebate web site.

According to Jingdong

propaganda slogan, the anniversary of this time in addition to the price "1 billion yuan", will also provide users the Jingdong donated 618 million yuan coupons, specific preferential measures such as digital computer, half price clothing 1.8 fold etc.. This event not only to build a huge amount of money, but also spent nearly a thousand employees Jingdong overtime.

in conjunction with this anniversary, micro-blog official mall Jingdong account, micro-blog executives will replace Qi Shuashua account avatar Anniversary Logo picture, remarkable degree of attention.

why the electricity supplier in the winter, repeatedly transferred funds of the Jingdong, why still want to lose money earned crying sale? In the last month of the Jingdong held in Hongkong IPO mall promotion, market analysis, Jingdong need to have more beautiful sales to promote its IPO process, large-scale promotion is undoubtedly a good way to attract users sales and promotion.

this is a simple logic, Jingdong mall is currently the largest competitor Tmall naturally will not ignore. Although from the pattern, the Jingdong is mainly open platform independent purchase with B2C mode, while Tmall is the only platform for the B2B2C mode, the two are not the most direct confrontation in the competition, but in the competition for market share, to seize the opportunities IPO but the fierce collision.

in this context, the original November 11th as a promotional peak in Tmall, the Jingdong on the home court conducted a "battle": the first is the June 18th announced the issuance of 40 million yuan in cash envelopes, followed by an additional 10 million yuan during the activity, and almost all vertical lines of business into promotional discounts.

as of press time, the two sides did not completely end the price war. Jingdong mall disclosed to the media data show that Jingdong today home appliances overall sales is 5 times last year 618, 32 inch color TV single day sales exceeded 15000 units, 10000 units, an air-conditioning breakthrough FLYCO shaver single product breakthrough 20000, 50 inch big screen TV, double door refrigerator exceeded 5000 units exceeded 10000 units, fan exceeded 50000 units.

and data from Tmall said it was a half day 10 brands a total turnover of 100 thousand >

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