How to establish a good corporate image in the nternet

with people rely on the Internet to deepen, enterprises in addition to the traditional marketing channels, but also part of the energy transferred to the Internet, the Internet companies also need to establish a good corporate image and good reputation of the user.

for a simple example, if your business is an online do very large company, the line brand and reputation are good, but the negative information on the Internet is everywhere, or even an official website are not, search your brand name in Baidu your company, could not find any news information, how the user wants to. Even if your company has the strength, the user may lose.

you don’t think this is ridiculous, because of the popularity of the Internet, almost every family has a computer, before the user to buy a product to understand the product risk information on the Internet is very large. (of course, those who do not have access to the Internet).

the enterprise how to establish a good image of the Internet users, and how to get a good reputation? The following Zhang Fangwen to give everyone a detailed explanation! PS: these methods not only to the traditional enterprise, is also very important for Internet Co


1 to establish their own company or brand official website

on the Internet site is equivalent to an appearance of the company, if a company on the Internet and even their official website are not ordinary users will think: This is a small company, not formal, not the strength of such statements.

chance, I saw a pack of 50 Fen toothpicks packaging are printed on their website, I readily enter the URL in the browser, the website can really be a normal visit, which gave a great shock, such a small business can be so focused on network image. What is really valuable. Tip: This article from the original Zhang Fangwen, I want to see more articles please log on my blog, Zhang Fangwen (phonetic) card Tim, welcome to add me as a friend to discuss e-commerce.

2 can be set up on the company’s Web site to interact with the user forums, such as forums, evaluation of the message system, anyway, must let users involved.


can not only have a good understanding of their products, but also can be very good at the same time in the mining of user needs and user interaction, so as to develop better products, to win broader market.

has a lot of users have complained to me about this platform waste a lot of information, and often there will be the company’s negative, there are a lot of customers in blaming his company’s services thoughtful, a series of problems are not good enough, or even abuse. In fact, this is not a bad thing, I can put forward to tell you, in the 10 thousand evaluation of three to four unsatisfactory evaluation is very normal. We put aside the company’s products and competitors malicious evaluation does not say that the community of 10 thousand ordinary users like mischief, difficult to speak

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