Baidu electricity supplier to do the heart of the new electricity supplier platform Baidu MALL recen

Baidu electricity supplier to do the heart of the new electricity supplier platform Baidu MALL recent on-line

[TechWeb] May 4th news, according to informed sources, Baidu, a new type of electronic business platform, Baidu MALL will be formally launched in the near future. According to reports, Baidu will rely on Baidu map location query and push service, the introduction of Baidu MALL brand business line shop; at the same time will achieve to the brand counters the line drainage line (released under the line of stores telephone, address, Baidu Maps Navigation), customers also can buy online, offline store pickup.

Baidu MALL in the early investment is the biggest feature of positioning high-end brand features. It is understood that Baidu MALL only the introduction of 1000 high-end brands (domestic brands under the line), only official cooperation with the brand. The target customer is 25-40 years in the high-end customers (white-collar petty, middle-class families).

Baidu said that domestic and foreign brands including Estee Lauder, CLARKS, PHILPS, Columbia, Carolina, love, beauty and other person in charge of the electricity supplier, including LV group, Shanghai Taiwan consultation will be optimistic about the Baidu MALL project, hope to further cooperation.

it is understood that in June 2010, Baidu set up a joint venture with Japan Lotte electricity supplier website B2C website Le cool days, the two sides were holding 49% and 51%, but the website closed down in April 2012. Baidu has also launched the C2C platform has ah, also failed to end.

in addition, last year, Baidu, Wanda Wanda jointly set up the establishment of Wanda e-commerce company. According to reports, Wanda electricity supplier plans to invest three yuan in the first phase of the investment in the period of 5 billion yuan, the first year to invest $1 billion, Wanda Group holds a 70% stake in Baidu, Tencent each holds a stake. Wanda electronic business platform to fly where the network at the end of 3 quietly on the line, but is currently in the testing phase. (Aruhan)

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