Jingdong ebook platform retailer transformation services

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to carry out the e-book business for more than a year, the Jingdong to continue eating market and seek the development of differentiation — starting appliance resorted to new tactics "(market area) book creation plan".

The first author

, and that the World tyrants sing Cai Jun, Feng Tang before the date of signing "become famous book creation plan". Jingdong will continue to launch the work of other well-known writers, hoping to work together with the press, with more famous works in the short story to create Jingdong e-book brand: Jingdong eRead series works." Zhao Mingyu, senior manager of Jingdong mall Audiovisual Department said.

· works "Tiankeng World tyrants sing", "suspense; falconry king" that E’s first novel "farewell", Cai Chun "new exclusive smile Monalisa" became a Jingdong e-book platform eRead series of the first works. These three books are currently available in Jingdong e-book platform, a single price of 2 yuan. It is said that "a good novel, no matter what kind of media it carries, is powerful."

"We will take

and author into patterns, we each sell a book writer to return." Zhao Mingyu said.

Jingdong eRead e-book brand works more suitable for mobile phones, PAD mobile reading. At the same time, the work under this brand will have high quality, strong story content, novel theme, easy to read quickly and other characteristics, very consistent with the needs of the mobile Internet fragmented reading era. E-books generally twenty thousand or thirty thousand words, the theme of concentration." Zhao Mingyu revealed that Jingdong eRead series works will not take paper publishing. In addition, the Jingdong will also work with ebook eRead brand quality rice network, the tiger sniffing network, 36 krypton, CEIBS, cooperation will have English website and G industry well-known institutions, build management, inspirational, language learning and other professional different categories of Jingdong eRead series. Tiger tiger and the current launch of the 4 cooperation in good performance. We also hope to cooperate with domestic and foreign publishing unit, CITIC publishing house, people’s Literature Publishing house we have given the invitation, they can also provide us publications, as it relates to the three party cooperation, progress a little slower."

in the development of e-book market, Jingdong and Dangdang took a different path. The day before, dangdang.com CEO Li Guoqing stunned: dangdang.com will carry out the "print sales after the digital version of free", aimed at persuading publishers and writers to provide free e-book readers buy books. Li Guoqing also said that the biggest obstacle to the development of e-books is not reading and paying habits, but to convince publishers and authors.

in convincing publishers and authors, Jingdong first step. However, the problem of training users pay habits, Jingdong still have a way to go. Jingdong data show that since the start of the e-book business in February 2012, and now nearly 200 thousand kinds of e-books Jingdong, the cumulative number of users reached 5 million, the average daily PV100 million, revenue growth of 30%>

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