Kara President Sun Taoran is bound to the third stages of the electricity supplier

December 3rd, Lacarra chairman and President Sun Taoran today held today in the second quarter horse contest and the fourth session of the annual meeting of entrepreneurs said, personally think that e-commerce is a very bright future, the future of e-commerce is bound to third stages, all because of convenient experience to electronic commerce. At present, the e-commerce industry environment has not been optimized, in terms of logistics and payment flow in two ways and the traditional way there is a big gap.

is the following speech:

Sun Taoran: Hello! In fact, the moderator introduced just let me trouble, because it was more than and 10 years ago, although we do a very good product in ten years ago, but someone introduces you, always put before you do, you are doing is not enough well, this is my distress very large, I hope more and more people introduce me more is Kara, rather than the business.

Ten years ago

business is indeed on the market do very brilliant, but we should have a more powerful function than business, a new generation of products are in the market trend today, is one person one. I will share with you the following, in March this year when the first quarter horse, I promised the president to give students share cattle, while I was busy, the day before everyone is not yet ready to PPT, so I want to tell you what to do tomorrow? PPT sure and not temporary, so I want a a lazy way, write one sentence per page. I began to recall their past participated in various enterprises, in the past twenty years inside, my friend and I were co founded six companies, including the media, PR companies, advertising companies, including business, including agricultural companies, including Lacarra now. From the idea of entrepreneurship, to set up the company, looking for direction, change, introducing risk investment after all aspects of a write write more than and 20, then there is an idea. Our ancestors first, so I put 36.


second days about 36 pages, each page has a word, called entrepreneurial 36 rules. Later, we feel good, probably next Monday to write a book. I believe that this book may be enlightening for all entrepreneurs, and the birth of this book, is the president of our cattle entrepreneur magazine, dark horse growth camp in the first quarter of the by-product. I would also like to put some of the experience inside the book dedicated to our dark horse camp, we hope to inspire.

today the president gave me the topic to talk about electronic payment, in two considerations. An electronic payment is relatively hot, the first batch of 27, we are one of them. Another is related to e-commerce, payment flow, logistics, information flow is a number of e-commerce solutions, and payment is one of the rings. Below I from three aspects of our own business experience to share with you.

the first point of view I think e-commerce prospects are very bright, yesterday, the other day at the meeting, I heard some people talking about e-commerce can not do?

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