Express the real name system implementation is not optimistic about the double 11 or explosion

domestic express official implementation of real name system has been fourth days, the domestic city courier can implement real name system interface? News reporter visited a number of outlets in Shenzhen found that most of the courier company outlets have begun to implement real name system, but their standards, the flow of clutter.


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November 1st, the domestic express official implementation of real name system, over the past few days previously advocated for years how? Express the real name system is "nominal", today is another "thunder and rain"? Interface news reporter visited Shenzhen in November 4th the number of courier companies to understand network.

in the city of Shenzhen, Futian District and Longhua District, interface news reporter visited the SF, tact, in the pass, rhyme and other courier company outlets, found that most of the courier company has issued a notice on the full implementation of real name system, but different outlets each courier company at the request of the real name system acceptance when they appear the phenomenon of different standards, process messy.

In November 4th

, a SF express outlets in Shenzhen District of Longhua City, the reporter saw the network interface news posted on the walls of the "State Postal Bureau carried out on the dangerous and explosive goods delivery of special rectification actions earnestly notice" the current security management work materials, and pen to accelerate the acceptance of 100% real name "etc. the statement underlined by warn customers.

later, news reporters to send express mail interface, and deliberately "erlangshen" fill in the delivery of documents in the name of the sender, the staff to check the delivery of documents after the prompt application of reporter real name to fill in, and asked to produce identity card or ID photos for verification. However, when the reporter did not bring to the staff on the grounds, or "accommodation", successfully express mail.

and Futian District SF express outlets staff said that although the policy requires the implementation of real name system, but a lot of the time door-to-door courier will not require the sender ID and the sender is not willing to show, is a process.

Shenzhen’s tact, rhyme and other courier company outlets will also remind the sender name registration and identity cards, the Yuantong Express outlets responsible person told the reporter, from November 1st onwards will implement the Yuantong express the real name system, the regulations of the company if the implementation is not in place the relevant personnel will be fined.

the responsible person also said that even if the State Post Bureau issued a express the real name system, but has not specified standard, some express outlets would simply require the sender’s real name, and no strict verification, there are also some express outlets in fast delivery to ask the sender to fill a single ID number, resulting in disclosure of information sender worry.

and the company’s rhyme express outlets in the real name system has implemented more stringent, a network staff said that if there is no ID card, the sender is not permitted in the rhyme delivery outlets by express mail. >

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